My Review of Where the Remuda Gather by Jim H. Ainsworth

The Christian novel does not merely follow one young man’s journey to fulfill his dream. In reality, it is the journey of life.

Ridge Rivers grew up on a small, hardscrabble farm in Northeast Texas and the Panhandle.

His lifelong dream was to be a cowboy and own a ranch.

Barely finished with school, he and a friend left with two horses and a mule packed with essentials for a month-long, five-hundred-mile journey to the Texas Panhandle to follow his dream.

On a ranch near the Canadian River, Ridge became a capable and trusted ranch hand.

The owners even took him to their local church and allowed him to court their daughter.

When Ridge was saved in that church, he felt his dreams coming true. But then…

“Nothing captures the spirit, the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of small-town Texas like Jim Ainsworth’s writing does.”

Jim H. Ainsworth

Review by Caleb Pirtle III:

With his latest Christian novel, Where the Remuda Gather, Jim H. Ainsworth has returned to his cowboy roots.  He is writing about the time when he should have been born, the early twentieth century when the prairies of the Texas Panhandle were being settled by a special breed of men and women who rode west, endured the harsh pain of droughts or floods or blizzards, and survived whatever hardships they faced to carve out some of the most legendary ranching country this nation has ever known.

Jim Ainsworth should have been among them.

He wasn’t.

But during special times of his existence, he has lived the cowboy life, moving wagons west, herding cattle into faraway pastures, and riding across vast, empty landscapes that have changed little since the beginning of time.

In a sense, Where the Remuda Gather, may well be autobiographical. Ridge Rivers could have well been Jim Ainsworth. He grew up on a small farm in a small East Texas town and spent his boyhood days dreaming of someday riding west to become a rancher.

This is his story, and it could have just as easily been Jim Ainsworth’s story.

But the book does not merely follow one young man’s journey to fulfill his dream. In reality, it is the journey of life, filled with good times and bad, hopes and disappointments, trials and triumphs, forgiveness and redemption.

And the underlying theme, whether living in the present or in the past, is the undeniable fact that there is a Supreme Being who guides our paths if we let him, who watches over us when we need him most, who is always there to help us sort out those days, those years when life is the most troubling.

Ridge Rivers finds his dream working for a family on an eighteen-thousand-acre ranch in the Panhandle. He falls in love with the rancher’s daughter.

But the Big War is raging across Europe, and Ridge winds up in the trenches of France where death hovers always a single breath away.

His unit is wiped out, and word goes home to a sprawling West Texas ranch and a small East Texas farm.

Ridge Rivers is dead, killed in action, and, no, his body may never be found.

The War ends, and Ridge Rivers goes back to the Panhandle ranch.

No one ever expected to see him alive again.

The tears have all dried.

His fiancée has married his best friend. Ridge is heartbroken, and he follows the trail that led him to West Texas back home.

He’s lost his love, his faith, his hopes, his dreams. And now he begins again, a boy, a dog, and his horse.

Where the Remuda Gather is an emotional story, an inspirational story, and Ridge finds out that even his darkest days don’t last forever.

Even when he feels that he has been forsaken, he is not alone.

He discovers that sometimes a man’s dream stretches no farther than the pasture just beyond his front porch.

You don’t always have a chase a dream.

Sometimes, if you wait patiently enough, God brings it to your doorstep.

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