Our Reviews of Use Caution It’s Earth by S.S. Bazinet

The book is  a wonderful fantasy, an intriguing allegory that spans like a bridge from one universe to another. It’s themes are far deeper.

Robbie’s mission on Earth is to understand people and their emotions. He takes in three homeless persons hoping to learn about feelings first hand. Instead, he becomes involved in their overwhelming problems. As the days slip by, Robbie’s fears take center stage. He’s headed toward failure and dire consequences. Hopefully, his two, wise galactic buddies can help.

After a reclusive loner named Robbie is told that he has galactic origins and that he hasn’t fulfilled the task he came to Earth to complete, he asks for another month to do so. However, getting involved with life and trying to help three homeless people triggers fears he’s never faced before. If he doesn’t overcome them, he’s terrified of the consequences.

Robbie has help along the way. Two wise, galactic buddies agree to stay and advise him on how to go forward. Unfortunately, his friends have very little Earth experience. When Robbie’s efforts only make things worse and the month he’s been given is quickly slipping away, he bravely carries on.

However, learning the ropes about living on a tough planet like Earth and interacting with some of its very troubled inhabitants is a job for the most courageous and determined of souls. Robbie can only hope that he has what it takes to succeed.

S.S. Bazinet

Review by Linda Pirtle:

S.S. Bazinet’s new series — When the Gods Come Back — has begun with, in my opinion, a best seller.
USE CAUTION IT’S EARTH tells the story of how a Galactic lord, aka Robbie, tries to help homeless people in order to better understand the emotions and struggles of human beings.

His first challenge is to accept the fact that he himself is not of this world, even though it’s all he’s ever remembered.

The protagonist has lived his life with deep-seated feelings of guilt because of one incident in his childhood.

Before Robbie can help others through their crises, he must first come to terms with his own emotions, which begs the question: Will he accept his role as a Galactic Lord, or will he be lost on Earth forever?

Author S.S. Bazinet is a friend and fellow author of mine. She was kind enough to gift me a paperback copy of her book.

Her creativity and ability to imagine how beings can assimilate from one galaxy to another are amazing.

Use Caution It’s Earth poses one dilemma after another for the Protagonist who is determined to successfully complete his mission before he must return to his galaxy.

It’s a race before time runs out.

I am definitely looking forward to Book Two of When The Gods Come Back.

Review by Caleb Pirtle III

It all began during the strangest of times and consequences as a young man walks home in the midst of a winter storm, a frigid night. He hears a desperate plea for help coming from a dark alley. He sees a man slumped against the wall, shivering, perhaps freezing to death. The man looks up, calls out the young man’s name, and says, “It’s about time you got here. Get me out of this ghastly place.”

Who is he?

From where did he come?

How does he know what he knows?

What secrets does he possess?

And how will he change the young man’s life forever.

Use Caution It’s Earth is S.S. Bazinet’s storytelling at its best. It’s visionary fiction. It’s metaphysical fiction. It is book one in a new series: “When God’s Come Back.” It’s a simple story. It’s a complex story. It is filled with simple, salt of the earth characters. It is filled with complex characters who have complex reasons to come to earth.

But who are the Gods?

Why did they come back?

And why have they chosen to come to the home of a young man named Robbie or maybe Thor, which was the name embroidered on his baby blanket when he was left on the doorstep of the woman who adopted him.

Is he an earthling?

Or was he sent to earth from another place, another universe, another planet?

What was his mission?

And why has he failed?

Robbie’s transformation occurs, as the author so eloquently puts it, when the young man says: “My mind exploded with information. I’d always been a seeker of knowledge. Now my search was over. In a blink outside of time, I felt like I knew the answer to everything . . . I got a glimpse of my true nature and decided I looked like a small, pulsating star.”

Use Caution It’s Earth is a brilliantly conceived story that explores the depth of human emotions created from life’s experiences of hopes and dreams, loves and disappointments, sadness and fears, and the frustrations and joys of life itself. Robbie’s revelations are revealed through a young man’s interaction with three homeless people, an angel, and the messengers who have come to take him home, wherever home may be.

The book may read like a wonderful fantasy, an intriguing allegory that spans like a bridge from one universe to another. But its themes are far deeper. It’s a book to be read once for pleasure and then again to better sense who we are and more precisely who we aren’t in the grand scheme of our existence. Our emotions are our compass. Reach out and help someone along the way. Maybe that’s the reason we were sent to earth in the first place.

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