My Review of Search for Power by Cindy Davis

The woman is desperate. She feels trapped. She feels imprisoned. What’s wrong? Mary Tabitha Parsons has been dead for one hundred and forty-three years.

Chaahk has a plethora of deep-dark secrets. So deep and dark that he escapes his hometown of Chi’país, Mexico to hide amongst Native Americans in Sedona, Arizona. For twelve years, he avoids his past, memories of his half-brother Zipacna, and the shamanic abilities that made him feel like a freak.

An energy vortex at Jade Martinez’s school in Chi’país draws students from all over the world, so many that she seeks to open a second school for advanced spiritual education. What better location than Sedona with its famed vortexes?

The Ocotillo Hotel is for sale. It has a vortex, and would make a perfect school, but it is haunted by a pair of spirits who cannot cross into the next world. Though they beg Jade and ten-year-old protégé Miguel to help, teacher and student have no idea how to accomplish this.

Miguel is well into his shamanic training. Mature for his age, he is frustrated his healing ability is slow in developing. He knows without a doubt this trip will be the cure.

Chaahk has the answers Jade and Miguel seek but he refuses to relive anything from the past. Will Universe conspire to bring them together? Or will the alarm clock of Divine Timing fail to chime?

Review by Caleb Pirtle III:

Cindy Davis

I have long been an admirer of the mystery novels written by Cindy Davis. Now she has produced book two in series that explores the greatest mystery of all.

What spiritual gifts dwell within each of us?

Can we find them?

Do we dare search for them?

Search for Power is a visionary and metaphysical journey that dares us to follow our instincts and intuition.

The story is fiction.

The gifts are real.

So is the vision.

And they are beckoning Jade and her ten-year-old Shaman-in-training Miguel to a vortex of energy surrounding the Arizona town of Sedona.

The boy wants to better grasp his power of healing.

Jade hopes to purchase a regal but run-down old hotel and build her second school for advanced spiritual training.

She knows she has traveled to the right place the moment she walks inside.

She immediately confronts Mary Tabitha Parsons.

The woman is desperate.

She feels trapped.

She feels imprisoned.

What’s wrong?

Mary Tabitha Parsons has been dead for one hundred and forty-three years.

What has her stuck in time?

And can Jade help her escape from one spiritual plane to the next?

Mary Tabitha Parsons only wants to go home.

Moving quietly through the backstory of the novel is Chaahk.

Who is he?

And who is the woman in red who beckons him in the forest?

Is she real?

Or an apparition?

And why has he been fleeing his past for the last twelve years?

What secrets are stalking him?

They are dark.

They are deep.

They have led him on a path that will ultimately cross with the one Jade is walking.

For them both, it will be a great awakening.

Cindy Davis has written a beautiful novel that explores a spiritual realm where we all walk. Most of us simply aren’t aware it’s there.

She has a cast of memorable characters who all gather in one of America’s strangest and most mysterious regions.

She writes: “When we meditate and connect to the earth in a deeper way, the world comes through loud and clear … Healing and speaking with spiritual guides are not fantasies. They can happen inside each of us.”

We don’t have to search for them.

They are already with us.

Cindy has written the perfect Hemingway ending. She leaves us feeling as if we know more than we really do. And that’s the way I love for a good book to end.

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