My Review of His Way by Jim H. Ainsworth


The latest novel by Jim Ainsworth, quite simply, is a story of repentance and redemption where love and hope come down to touch a small Texas town.

The small Texas town of Riverby is on the road to recovery from scandals and corruption that led to the murder of their beloved sheriff when the wife of an eccentric professor commits suicide.

During a somber graveside service, her deviant son pushes the elderly funeral director into his mother’s open grave.

When the town’s stately funeral home is destroyed by fire and a small girl’s party dress is discovered in an abandoned shack,

Riverby’s survival seems threatened. Then a stranger steps off a train and hobbles across a field to free a man from a trap just in time to save his hand and possibly his life.

The Circle of Hurt takes in this obscure and enigmatic stranger with the intention of helping him, but it is The Circle and the town that receives help.

The chain of dark events is not broken, but light begins to triumph over darkness.

Jim H. Ainsworth

Review by Caleb Pirtle III

I have long been an admirer of Jim Ainsworth’s writing. Nothing captures the spirit, the trials, the tribulations, the triumphs of small-town Texas better than his books.

His Way is no exception.

It is simply a great story from a great writer.

It is poignant.

It is touching.

It is heartfelt.

The message is driven straight to the heart.

Ainsworth returns to his favorite town, the fictional Riverby in North Texas.

We know the characters.

We have read about so many of them before.

But this time, Ainsworth takes characters we know and love and peels back the façade surrounding them.

Behind the smiles, they all have their secrets, secrets that are often more reminiscent of nightmares that haunt them day and night.

Their demons are real.

They are tortured and tormented souls.

They meet sometimes monthly, sometimes weekly, sometimes daily at the Circle of Hurt for breakfast and coffee and conversation.

It’s a time for confessions.

It’s a time for solace.

To join, they must have been hurt deeply or hurt someone deeply.

The criteria fits them all.

Their sins are many.

Their scandals are hidden by time and darkness.

Their hope is eternal.

And into their midst comes a quiet and gentle stranger they know as Crow.

He says little.

He speaks with his eyes.

He knows what will happen before it happens.

He brings peace to a town that has not known peace for a long time.

He is a man, some say, who can read hearts.

The healing begins.

And Crow does it his way.

The latest novel by Jim Ainsworth, quite simply, is a story of repentance and redemption.

Love and hope touch the lives of those who walk the streets of Riverby.

Love and hope touch us all.

His Way defines Jim Ainsworth as a writer and defines the genre he was chosen to write.

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