My Review of Everything Takes It Out of You by S.S. Bazinet


The characters are unforgettable, and you feel their anger, their pain, their desperation, the guilt that hangs heavy on their shoulders.

THE MADONNA DIARIES series is the story of two brothers trying to survive during a deadly pandemic. Dory, a very successful artist, is an introverted, tortured soul who paints Madonnas as a way of coping. His brother, Milton, a doctor and researcher, is a humanitarian who’s trying to find a cure for the virus that’s consuming the world’s population. When Dory is infected with the lethal virus, they come together to not only fight the disease and keep Dory alive but to also heal their childhoods and to find the faith and happiness that’s missing in their lives.

In book three, Dory’s life continues to shift in unexpected ways. After having a disease that kills without exception, he’s the lone recipient of a scientific miracle. In the midst of his triumph over a deadly virus, he also discovers that he has a chance at love. Crystal Hutchins, a doctor who helped to care for him, lets him know that she would like to explore a romantic relationship.

In a daze of wonderful possibilities for his future, Dory is broadsided by a deeply disturbing event. He finds out that his father has been infected by the lethal disease that nearly killed him. In the days that follow, both Dory and his twin brother, Milton, try to find a way to help their parent. Dory, who’s the sensitive artist, wants to be there as a caregiver, while Milton, a doctor and researcher, hopes to find a cure.

Both brothers are dedicated, but will either of them succeed in their mission? Their father, Howard Hayes, has always been a bitter, angry man with an explosive temper. How will he react when the virus triggers even more violent behavior? How will Dory cope with a father who’s always hated and abused him? Can either father or son find a way to reconcile?

S.S. Bazinet

Review by Caleb Pirtle III

S.S. Bazinet has written an amazing book about love, hope, and faith when the world has turned black and all is lost.

Everything Takes It Out 0f You could have been a medical thriller.

All of the right elements are in place.

Twin brothers.

One a doctor.

One stricken with a deadly disease in the midst of a Pandemic that threatens everyone in its lethal path.

The doctor is desperate.

He’s searching for a cure.

The other is a sensitive but bedeviled soul.

He’s the artist.

His next breath may be his last.

But is it?

The novel could have been a medical thriller.

But it’s not.

It’s a love story.

For the artist, his whole life has been immersed in a terrible turmoil.

His father mistreated him.

His father verbally abused him.

The Doctor was the favorite son.

The artist was the son thrown away.

But now he has received a miracle drug.

His life is saved.

And he learns that his father is suffering from the terminal disease.

One last meeting.

One last chance for forgiveness.

One last chance for vindication.

One last chance to say, “I’m sorry.”

But who will say it?

Can either of them say it?

And what happens when the artist learns that he possesses the same psychic gift that tormented his father, a tragic gift that drove them apart and drove the artist away?

Time is ending.

Love between a father and a son hangs in the balance.

So does redemption.

The plot is so real you believe it is happening, and you are caught in the middle of it.

The characters are unforgettable, and you feel their anger, their pain, their desperation, the guilt that hangs heavy on their shoulders.

S.S. Bazinet has given us a book with the subtle, underlying message that, in good times and in bad, we are our own worst enemies, and only we have the power to reach down deep and save ourselves.

But can we save ourselves before it’s too late?

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