My Review of Born and Bred Texan by Jinx Schwartz

Jinx Schwartz as always attacks her cozy mysteries with humor derived from a wry, caustic wit, and there’s a laugh on every page.

Blue Bonet, widowed and in mourning, returns to Magnolia Bluff in her home state of Texas.

Her grandmother had bequeathed an old lake house to her, and she cherishes childhood memories there.

She arrives at the lake and finds the house she remembers as being grand, is now in disrepair.

She tackles the repairs, and is determined to make a new life for herself,

It seems like an uphill battle.

A rollercoaster of ups and down conspire to destroy her dream, and she begins to wonder if you really can’t go home again.

Jinx Schwartz

Blue Bonet has come home. It’s not what she expects. It’s not what she remembers. But then, Blue has always been an outsider in a little town that never knew how to react to a young lady who attended a year of high school in Magnolia Bluff, then ran off to Paris France to continue her education.

She’s back because she’s tired of California, a widow at the end of an unhappy marriage, and has inherited her grandmother’s farm.

The house is crumbling with age and neglect. And Blue wonders if she really can come home again, or had she ever considered the little town home.

Blue discovers that time has not erased the friendships she had with old friends and classmates who are still hanging around Magnolia Bluff. There are even a couple of old boyfriends who seem more attractive now than then.

And it doesn’t take long for Blue to feel right at home at the Real Good Coffee Shop, even though she’s still eyed with suspicion by the queen of the Crimson Hat Society who has a weekly podcast and confuses malicious gossip and rumors with news and public service announcements.

But trouble looms in the shadows.

An old recluse, a squatter living in a shack on her land, is found dead with a rope around his neck.

Was it murder or suicide?

Is he a distant relative as the rumors say he is?

A prison escapee dies beside the same shack. Are the deaths connected?

And a sudden winter freeze unearths a field of human bones. Some ancient. Some just old. And some new.

Is it a mass grave or the victims of a serial killer?

In Born and Bred Texan, book 9 of the magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles, Jinx Schwartz, as she always does, attacks her cozy mysteries with humor derived from a wry, caustic wit.

Her writing adds charm and warmth to the town of Magnolia Bluff and the people who live there.

And you will find a laugh on every page, often a whole page of them. Sometimes you smile. Sometimes you laugh out loud.

Blue spends a lot of days in Magnolia Bluff and never a dull nor boring day among them.

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