My Review for A Mother’s Love by S.S. Bazinet

The writing is poetic and beautiful. It reaches down inside you and touches your soul as it leads you toward enlightenment and redemption.

Everyone on the planet prayed for the birth of a Holy One, a godly being who would carry the Light in a physical body. Their prayers are answered when a child is born who’s the embodiment of light and love. However, the child’s holiness is immediately dismissed because of his appearance.

He’s so different that he’s labeled a demon by the people and the priests. There are even attempts on his life. However, he’s a powerful being and able to foil the efforts of all who try to harm him.

The leader of the priests is desperate to do what the people want, to get rid of the one labeled evil. He decides to raise his infant son with that sole purpose in mind. At the age of thirteen, the boy carries out his father’s plan.

However, instead of killing the one he detests, his potent abilities almost destroy the planet. The Holy One’s light saves the world and restores balance. A little later, he leaves the planet voluntarily.

After almost destroying the planet, the priest’s son is tormented and abused by the people he tried to help. He becomes an outcast seeped in hate and bent on revenge. He vows to punish those who were so cruel to him.

When he’s thirty years old and ready to act, his revenge is cut short. He’s bitten by a deadly scourge beast. It is only the love of his mother, a mother he never knew before he was bitten, that helps him to hold on to life.

Facing an uncertain future, his challenge is to discover his real purpose and his connection to the Holy One he tried to kill.

S.S. Bazinet

Review by Caleb Pirtle III

With A Mother’s Love, S.S. Bazinet has written a story for the ages, one filled with emotion and grief, trial and triumph.

Is the novel Biblical?


Is it fantasy?

Maybe. A legend?

It certainly possesses the spiritual touch of a myth handed down from generation to generation, a story without end, a story that slowly works its way into your heart and finds a warm place to reside without any intention of leaving.

Bazinet grabs you with her opening paragraph: “I never meant to be the most feared man on the planet. When I was rejected at birth, I was prepared to withdraw from this life, from this world. However, my mother was determined to keep me here. She loved me as soon as she felt me quicken in her womb. So I stayed.”

He is the chosen one. He is the holy one. He is an outcast. But he only knows he is different, a boy with indigo skin in a land where everyone else has golden skin and eyes.

No one can touch him unless he allows it.

No priest’s weapon can harm him.

The eyes of the world watch him pass by, and no one knows who he is and why he walks among them. Is he the giver of life or the harbinger of death. And what is his mission in their world?

No one knows.

He is the great unknown.

He is the gift that so many want to destroy.

He is the light in a world filled with darkness.

He is the darkness that hides the light.

He thus becomes one of the most fascinating and enigmatic heroes I have found in literature.

The writing is poetic and beautiful. It reaches down inside you and touches your soul. It becomes a journey that leads you toward self-discovery and enlightenment, toward atonement and redemption.

A Mother’s Love is a book that needs to be read between the lines. The story is an intriguing triumph of storytelling.

But the heart of the story lies just beneath the surface and between the lines.

The message is powerful.

It’s compelling.

It’s magic.

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