Music keeps us alive inside.


Music has always been part of my life. I was a solitary child, and animals and music sustained me. In my early years, I had to provide it for myself through playing the piano, matching the music to my mood. But then came hifi, and music could fill the whole house. Mum and Dad grew up in the Big Band era and when that music came on, Dad would grab Mum and off they’d go like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers. Then there were the trips into Philadelphia for the children’s concerts my mother took me to. I sat as a young kid in this unimaginable concert hall gaping at the surroundings and filling up on the music of the masters.

cleft signI have used music all my life as an energy source only, for many years, I didn’t really understand what I was doing. You know how music enlivens you, enhances your mood or experience of the moment. It is indicative of its power that technology moved first in the direction of multiplying sound, not tactile experiences, taste, scent or visual sensations. Now many people walk around with earphones in place, listening to music not just because they like the tunes. I believe something far more significant than basic likes and dislikes account for this vast change in cultural behavior. I would attribute it to the fact that our lives do not feed us enough anymore; feed us energetically that is. And we are seeing the results in increased use of pharmaceuticals and mind-numbers like TV.

We must have at least as much energy coming into us as is drained away, to sustain life adequately. Yet our energy is being increasingly usurped, in this fretful world, by so much worry, tension, fear. Whether we are aware of the fact or not, we are by nature energetic beings. Energy is what brings us into existence, and energy is what sustains us.  Music can literally bring us back to life as it does in this video.


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