Mornings with Booger

My wife Faye Crawford keeps looking over her shoulder, catching a glimpse of the past, and this is what she’s likely to remember. The memories are what matters most.

Booger: A faithful friend

Every morning after breakfast,  Unk grabbed a coca-cola, as he called the Pabst Blue Ribbon, from the refrigerator.   With the screen door slamming behind him and the quick short , stout  legs of his little tan confidante scampering at his heels, he headed to the acclaimed  “Paw Paw’s Beer Garden.”

Every morning, he attached the note to Booger’s harness, and he said,”Booger, take this to Skunk.”  Immediately, the cooperative little dog wagged his long tail, and calmly left on his journey.

Every morning, focused on his mission, Booger walked two blocks to deliver the message to Skunk.  After receiving a doggy  treat, he began his trip back to Unk with this  answer, ” See you soon. Save me a beer.”

Sure they could have communicated by phone, but the Bell  System never “reached out and touched someone ” in precisely  the same way as Booger did.


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