Monday Sampler: Divine Encounter by JoAnna Grace

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In our mission to connect readers, writers, and books, Caleb and Linda Pirtle is showcasing some of the best authors in the marketplace today. Monday’s Sampler features an excerpt from Divine Encounter, a thrilling and romantic fantasy from JoAnna Grace.

The Story

Keona and Piper Nadal are twins with a last name and a past that carries an automatic death sentence if they are ever discovered hiding in the human world. The last person they wanted to run into was a man with ties to the Castille Clan.

Olympian healer, Evander Castille, unearths the gift of a lifetime in Keona. She’s sexy, fierce, and she’s a teleporter, one of the rarest Olympians on the planet. The only thing more precious is a Divine Grace, an anointed princess, and he might’ve stumbled upon one of those, too.

Only a Haven is safe enough for two such gems, where they can be protected by Deities and Thracian warriors. Or is it? When Evander is warned to keep the twins away from the Haven, he has to wonder where the real danger lies.

Rogue Olympians are working with Demons and no one is safe anymore.

About JoAnna Grace:

JoAnna Grace
JoAnna Grace

JoAnna Grace lives in a world of alpha males and strong females where true love conquers all—at least in her writing! A proud indie, she has published The Divine Chronicles, the Blake Pride Series, and more. This writer loves paranormal and urban fantasy romance novels.

From the time she started holding a crayon she began to create magical worlds. Living in the real world was never an option. JoAnna’s tales are spun at her home in East Texas where she lives with her Prince Charming, three kids, and a couple dogs. When not hiding behind the computer screen chugging coffee, you can find her shopping. singing with the radio, or speaking on behalf of Y&R PR, her public relations and publishing company.

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The Sampler

“Be careful,” her sister warned sternly. “We don’t know this guy and I have no idea how he found us.”

“I will. I promise. This interview is important. I won’t screw it up.” She smoothed down the navy dress she borrowed from their neighbor—who happened to be about four inches shorter and a few pounds thinner. The fabric fit like a second skin and showed a healthy dose of thigh. She didn’t own a dress. Neither sister did. They owned scrubs, a few pairs of second-hand jeans, and sweaters. That was the extent of their wardrobe. Her size eight feet were stuffed into size seven heels and she wore bargain bin lipstick. At least she looked decent. Her hairfell in a sleek ponytail down her back to the gold belt that strangled her waist.

“You look beautiful. But if you don’t hurry, you’ll be late.” She winked at her sister. “I’m never late.”

With her sister in a safe place, she walked to the cozy Italian café just off the bustling streets of Chicago. Immediately, she knew theman awaiting her arrival. Around him glowed a dim energy, his aura. And wasn’t it her lucky night. He was good looking beyond belief. Greathair, the short brown cut accentuated his jaw line. He wore an expensive suit, which she expected. What she didn’t expect was the tint of his eyes, two pools of ocean water blue that sparkled like sunlight hitting the waves.

He was the only person in the place who appeared to be waiting on someone. She sauntered up to him.

“You must be Paul Smith. I’m Piper Martinez.” She smiled at the dashing man who rose to greet her. She held out a hand and didn’t bother hiding the appreciative glance she gave his tall lean frame.

“Piper.” He shook her hand and motioned for her to take a seat. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for meeting me on such short notice. And might Isay, you look lovely.”

She gave him her best shy smile. “Thank you. May I call you Paul?”

“Absolutely. Everyone at the Ralpha Clinic is like family. We might as well be on a first name basis.”

“Paul,” she smiled again. “I was very intrigued when you said you deal with specialty cases at your clinic. But I’m afraid I couldn’t findany advertising or contact information about you online. I have to say, that bothered me.”

Paul grinned and leaned back in his seat, resting his arm over the back of the wooden chair next to him. “You get right to it, don’t you,my dear.” He flagged a waitress. “Why don’t we order something to drink and then we can get to business.” Paul ordered a bottle of wine even after she told him she didn’t drink and asked for a glass of water.

“You don’t have to follow typical interview protocol with me, Piper. If you wish a glass of wine, please do. As far as I’m concerned, you already have a place at Ralpha Clinic. All we’re here to discuss are the…” he searched for the word, “details.”

After Paul’s first sip of wine she felt the courage to ask, “What kind of patients do you deal with?”

Paul took a moment to study her face, the wheels turning in his head. “We deal with people who would stand out in a typical hospital. Our patients need special treatment that most hospitals would not offer. I believe you understand what I’m saying.”

“And if I don’t?” No way in hell was she laying all her cards on the table this early. Hell, she’d just walked in and sat down.

His eyes narrowed. “If you don’t understand then I’m afraid there has been a mistake and I shall leave you to your evening.” He movedto stand, his hands going to the buttons of his coat.

Shit, if he left she was screwed.

“And if I do?”

He sat back down, a smug grin teased his face, but he quickly recovered. “Then I would be curious as to what skills you bring to thetable.”

“My skills are non-traditional, you could say.” She inched back her chair, relaxing as he did, and crossed her legs. His eyes traced theline of her thigh. He was definitely enjoying his view. “That’s why I was confused when your assistant called. You never mentioned who gave you my information.”

“It’s not important. What is important, Piper, is that skills like mine and yours are unique and should be exercised with caution.”

“I guess it isn’t something you can advertise online.” Heat crept up her cheeks and she pushed a strand of hair from her cheek. Paul was most definitely Olympian. But was he friend or foe?

Her eyes darted around the room. Gods, what if this was a trap, what if they’d been found and this sexy man was a distraction? What ifher sister was in danger?

“I do have some questions,” he pulled a small notepad from his jacket pocket.


As he shot off typical questions, she answered swiftly. Where did she have her formal medical training? Where has she worked? Why did she leave the last hospital? Most of which she could answer straightforward.

The change in him was gradual. He began to ask increasingly personal questions. Finally, he came right out and asked if she was seeing anyone.

Giving him her most demure, shy smile she looked at him from under her lashes. “Mr. Smith, I would advise you not to cross that line.You see, I’m most eager to work with you but I don’t get romantically involved with my coworkers, particularly those with the power to fire me.”

He stared at her lips. Paul had luscious lips himself. She wanted nothing more than to see if they tasted as good as they look.

“That’s a shame. You’re an extraordinarily beautiful woman. I’d like to get to know you better.” He took a deep breath and let it out with a long sigh. “But, in the best interest of my patients, I will respect your boundaries and your medical career. Indulge me in one more personal question and I will cease.” He held out a hand across the table. She slipped her hand over his willingly. The grip tightened and an electrical current traveled up her arm. Her muscles locked in place, paralyzing her.

“When were you going to tell me that you’re not Piper Martinez?”


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