Daily Review: I Messed Up Christmas by Jo-Ann Carson

A quick, lighthearted, enjoyable Christmas story with several laugh out loud moments.

Single mom Abby Jenkins runs a detective agency out of a haunted teahouse in the Pacific Northwest town of Sunset Cove, and while she finds tackling the usual supernatural suspects easy, she can’t face Christmas.

She wants this one to be perfect for her kids. With a yuletide to-do list longer than Main Street, a jealous Viking-ghost boyfriend with existential issues, and unreliable witch powers, she’s in a twisted-tinsel, holiday funk, when the mayor asks her to find a missing angel.

The statue, which sat on top of the Christmas tree in the town square for the last hundred years, symbolizes all that’s good about the holidays: love, peace and joy. Abby drops everything to look for the stolen angel.

Will she find Christmas along the way?

Jo-Ann Carson

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By D Speed

I Messed Up Christmas was the best holiday book that I have read in a long time. It was warm, humorous, and had beautiful Christmas sentimentality. Abby is a single mother, who happens to have some magical powers, who loves to solves mysteries, and happens to be in love with a ghost.

However, I can still relate to her on an elemental level. Abby’s struggles spoke to me as a working mother who gets caught up in the hype. This is definitely a series that I am addicted to.

A fantastic Christmas Cozy Mystery!

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By B

Abby is a mom of three trying to make a better life for them. She is a night janitor at the haunted tea house and recently started a new Private Detective agency. She is trying to give her children a “perfect Christmas” and has many funny things happen in the process.

Oh, did I mention that being a witch is new to her too ? She takes on the job of finding the treasured, traditional Christmas Angel that has been stolen from the town tree.

Can she manage to do it all and still find the true meaning of Christmas?

Eric is the handsome, hulk of a Viking ghost that is so in love with Abby . He may be a ghost but he still has feelings that can be hurt.

A quick, lighthearted, enjoyable Christmas story with several laugh out loud moments. (it is a little escape from realism at times which I LOVE) Some surprises along the way and an ending that will leave you very excited and anxious for the next book.

I can always count on Jo-Ann Carson to bring me stories that keep me entertained and turning the pages.

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By Nicole Laverdure

Get ready to spend a delightful moment, by reading Jo-Ann Carson’s novella I Messed Up Christmas! You won’t be disappointed! I hope you like it as much as I did! Be prepared to giggle during some scenes!

If you want to surprise someone with a small Christmas gift, I suggest that you give her, this wonderful series ‘A Ghost & Abby Mystery’ series! I’m pretty sure that she will enjoy it very much. It’s filled with magic and it will surely put her in a festive mood!

Again, we follow Abby! She has done her magic again during one of her investigation that consists of finding a missing angel. If you have read Ms. Carson’s first story, you’ll remember that Abby is a single mom with three kids and that Eric is her charming Viking ghost boyfriend. However, Dante is still taunting Abby! Another captivating short episode in Abby’s life as a part investigator and as a new witch.

Omg!!! I love the perfect ending! Now, I’m very excited to know what will happen next!

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