Maybe it’s time to build our own boat.


I SAT DOWN on an exercise bike at the gym, and noticed that the right peddle was missing, so I moved to the one on its right. Next a friend sat down on the bike, noticed that it was broken, and choose another bike.

Then Del sat down on the bike and started peddling. The bike wasn’t broken for him. A few days later I saw a woman sitting on the broken bike pedaling away. It wasn’t broken for her either.

The world appears to be broken.

It’s so bad I don’t want to hear any side of it. I don’t want to hear the arguments, people claiming to be right, while others claim that they are wrong. It’s absolutely horrible. The only people who might be enjoying it are the people thinking either that they can fix it, or break it some more.

It’s the same thing, either way.

Beca Lewis
Beca Lewis

For you and me we have to do something different. See I figure if you are reading this you are sick of it too.  We have to start seeing the world as not broken.

It reminds me of Noah and the flood. He built a boat.

We have to build a boat too. We have to build a boat that we all get into and out of these rising waters of human fighting and fixing.

Let’s go back to the bike. It doesn’t matter what scenario you choose about why I saw a broken bike and Del did not. It is always going to be about perception.

It could be the perception that I was blind to the fact that it wasn’t broken because I had a point of view about the gym that made me see a poorly maintained bike. I saw what I believed.

Or it could be that there are other dimensions and realities that shifted revealing the unbroken bike. I had to have that perception to have this be a possibility too. (And yes, I do have that perception.)

So let’s build a boat called Good. In that boat we all stay in the perception that  unbreakable omnipresent Good is the only power.

Let’s not have our human viewpoint be part of the making of this boat. We’ll simply agree that Good is the only power, and stick with it.

We won’t get out and ride the waves of despair, or fear, or curiosity about evil. We won’t let the wave of thinking we can fix something (it’s not broken remember) pull us off the boat.

If by chance one of us gets pulled in, or falls in, or gives up, we reach out and pull them back on the boat.

Doesn’t matter if we are not sure this is possible. Doesn’t matter what we call the power of Good. Doesn’t matter if we don’t see how this will help.

We just have to stick together, no divisions, no judgment. We choose and stay with the perception, point of view, state of mind, awareness that Good Is The Only Power.

We have to give up what we think is best, and let Good re-adjust what we are perceiving.

Why? Because, even if Good isn’t the only power, choosing that perception makes it so. Not the man in the sky god, the intelligent force that is behind the cosmos that is only Good.

What we perceive to be reality is what we experience. I don’t say this to make it true. It is true. Quantum physics gives us a good guideline why this is true.

What do we have to lose by choosing the perception of unbreakable infinite Good? Nothing. We have everything to lose if we don’t.

It isn’t hiding our heads in the sand and not doing something about the injustices we encounter.

It is simply doing it all from the boat of Good.

Noah rode out the waves, and they eventually receded. He trusted in that provision.

Riding the boat of Good we can survive the rising flood waters, but we can do more than that. We can start doing something to stop the flood.

We acknowledge global warming and insist that something be done, even if it rocks our personal boat for awhile.

We stop supporting any idea that divides people into their nationality, religious beliefs, or food eating habits.

We don’t build walls to separate. We take down the walls of ignorance and build the bridge of understanding.

We stop seeing ourselves as just human beings. We see instead the spiritual essence of ourselves and others.

And here’s the deal. It’s not that we are healing the world. The world doesn’t need healing. It is what we see, how we act, what we say, and what we do that needs to be healed.

Let’s start with the man in the mirror. Then together we can lift more people into the boat while pulling the plug on the rising waters. We can be the tipping point towards only Good.

So get in the boat, the world is not broken.

Beca Lewis is the author of Living in Grace.


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