Marjorie Swift Doering: One of the Top Ten Crime Thriller Writers You Need To Be Reading

Her scenes are well-described, the dialogue is tight and occasionally humorous, and the relationships between the characters have depth and seem real.

Marjorie Swift Doering enjoys writing in many genres, but is focusing, for now, on mystery/police procedurals with her Ray Schiller Series: Dear Crossing, Shadow Tag, Targeted, Web of Silence, Remains and One Way Out.

While Marjorie comes from a family of PGA and LPGA golf professionals, from an early age, her passion has been writing. A graduate of WSU, Stevens Point with a B.S. in Secondary Education, she finds her major in English and minor in Psychology very helpful in the creation of her stories.

Marjorie and her husband Denny, the parents of two wonderful, adult children, live in beautiful northwestern Wisconsin with their Springer Spaniel and three crazy, lovable cats.

Marjorie Swift Doering


To solve a murder case without a body, two detectives may need the help of a fame-seeking psychic…

Detective Ray Schiller is no stranger to crime scenes. When he sees the blood-soaked rug, it’s obvious that the victim didn’t make it out alive. Unfortunately for Ray and his partner, vital forensic evidence is hard to come by when the corpse is missing…

With lives on the line, Ray’s department has no choice but to accept help from a psychic. To Ray, psychics are nothing more than scam artists. But even he has to admit that her premonitions are disturbingly accurate…

To stop the killer from striking again, Ray may need to first uncover the psychic’s secret…

Remains is the fifth standalone mystery in the Ray Schiller detective series. If you like edge-of-your-seat action, realistic characters, and puzzling clues, then you’ll love Marjorie Swift Doering’s fast-paced tale.

Dear Crossing

A down-on-his-luck lawman. A high-profile murder. One case could turn it all around… or threaten everything he holds dear…

Ray Schiller is due for a victory. After a streak of personal setbacks, Widmer P.D.’s most decorated officer is ready for his rebound. When the wife of a high-powered executive is found dead in their summer home, the police chief gives Ray control of what seems like an open and shut case. But he never expected the onslaught of motives and suspects…

His only chance of infiltrating the lead suspect’s inner circle may require teaming up with a veteran homicide detective. And they’re both about to find out that those on the top of the business food chain are willing to do almost anything to stay there.

Dear Crossing is the first mystery in the captivating Ray Schiller crime series. If you like authentic characters, fast-paced action, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love Marjorie Swift Doering’s gritty tale.

Web of Silence

No one is talking: the victims, the suspects, not even his partner.

In his line of work, Detective Ray Schiller can’t help but assume the worst. When a man and woman lie shot in a dark Minneapolis alley, he senses the crime is more sinister than a simple mugging.

The discovery of an abandoned child nearby and a second murder victim miles away only adds to the mystery…

But when the child won’t talk, Ray runs out of clues to follow. As he searches for answers, another kind of silence hits the detective where it hurts. Waverly is keeping something from him, and the implications could destroy their partnership for good…

Web of Silence is the standalone fourth mystery in the Ray Schiller series. If you like authentic characters, high-octane action, and unexpected twists, then you’ll love Marjorie Swift Doering’s pulse-pounding tale.

One Way Out

A chance encounter… A deadly game of cat-and-mouse… Detective Ray Schiller’s relaxing three-day getaway turns into a desperate struggle for survival.

While his family faces an unexpected crisis at home, for Ray and his friends, the situation at their secluded campsite makes them the prey in a deadly chase through the surrounding untamed, backwoods terrain.

The odds are stacked against their escaping the deadly, misfit couple and getting out alive.


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