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This new NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image shows a variety of intriguing cosmic phenomena.
This new NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image shows a variety of intriguing cosmic phenomena.

I DIDN’T ALWAYS have bird restaurants at my house. In fact, living in the city, spending twelve hours a day in my thirty sixth-floor office, I rarely saw them.

Until one day, a bird ate my peanut and then something shifted, and I became a bird watcher. I had gone away for a week by myself to finish writing my book, Living in Grace: The Shift To Spiritual Perception. For lunch, I would go out on the little balcony of the condo I had rented and eat my unshelled peanuts. That day, I had stepped back into the condo to get something, leaving the peanuts on the table. A blue jay landed, looked at me, took my peanut, and flew away.

The connection that I had that day has only deepened through the years. I have grown to appreciate even more their intelligence, joy, community, and resourcefulness.

Beca Lewis
Beca Lewis

One day while watching the sun fade out as if it was on a dimmer switch revealing the stars, a new view of birds, and who we are, opened up to me. As darkness falls, many birds disappear to wherever they go for the night. That night, I thought of them differently. Just as the stars in the sky are only the pinpoint of all that they are that we can’t see; birds are like a pinpoint into our consciousness of the entirety of Mind that makes up their being.

Let’s take this concept further. All that we see, from birds, to the clouds, to our own being, are like the stars in the sky, poking into our consciousness as a symbol of the fullness of what we, and they, are – the rest being invisible to our human senses. Even if we continue this discussion on a material level, as if we live in a material world, this is still true.

Here’s why. We are aware of three dimensions, yet we know there are more. In fact, string theory suggests there are at least ten, and that’s only the beginning! That means in many ways, we are like the people who lived in Flatland. They could only see straight lines, and only one person experienced the circle that came to visit.

Think what they were missing! Think what we are missing! We, trapped in a three-dimensional perspective, experience very little of what is actually going on. As I watch birds, without any empirical proof other than observation, I believe that birds can not only see, but also exist, in some of those dimensions we haven’t evolved enough to experience. I laughingly say, when a whole species of birds disappears from my feeders for a day or two that they went to a bird conference in another dimension.

Why couldn’t that be true? It could.

Living_In_Grace_Flat-250What are we missing? We are missing almost all the creation of the one Creator. How can we begin to see it? First by accepting that we are missing it. Then by recognizing that when we view ourselves in the mirror, or in a picture, or in a description of ourselves, we are observing only the pinpoint of all that we are, because only the pinpoint is visible to our five senses, and only in three dimensions.

Instead of defining ourselves as if this very limited picture is all that we are, we can begin to define ourselves using the qualities we express. This is an easy and direct way to begin to experience the fullness of our being.

Think of the visible part of yourself as the tip of a pencil writing out for all to see the perfection of Creation. Perhaps today it writes and produces the words beauty, joy, and intelligence. Although the words carry with them a fullness of meaning that we have only just begun to imagine, we can experience what they mean to us now.

As you write out those words today for everyone, including you, to experience, imagine that it is impossible to write anything but good. Because, what we call bad, can be erased, or not written, at any time. It’s our choice.

What appears as progress is the present perfection of the Infinite, all Good, becoming more visible as our misperceptions dissolve. The pinpoints expand to reveal more, as we are willing to experience what lies beyond them.

Take a moment to watch the wonderful Carl Sagan explain Flatland and the fourth dimension that we can’t see. Then take a few hours and go see the movie Interstellar. I would love to hear what you think of both of them.

One more thing, go feed, and watch the birds. You’ll be surprised what you see. And if by chance you experience something that doesn’t seem real, it might be a “circle” and you are one of the first to see it. Imagine that!

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