Lonely Symbols of Despair and Defeat

Cimeteire Militaire Allemande
The German Cimeteire Militaire Allemande in Normandy, France.

The German Military Cemetery in Normandy excretes despondency and defeat.

Black crosses patched in fives appear trapped with the bodies buried beneath.

All is bleak.

Its single message, futility.

Defeat in life.

Defeat in death.

Bleakness shrouded in the dim death of day.

Darkness wrapped in clouds.

All is shrouded.

No light penetrating these dark, dark woods.

cimetiere-militaire-allemand-4Basalt crosses like ugly eruptions of poison.

A single mound centers the cemetery,

Lying in this mound are unknown sons, brothers, fathers, men.

Here lies my son forced to fight to his death for a tyrant who gave no honor to his sacrifice.

This demon who cared not that my son filled my heart, gave meaning to my life, and hope for my blood.

Now all is an unmovable despair.

Cemented like a stone to the walls of my soul.

Will my spirit ever be lifted?

Despair is despair is despair is despair is …

Note: If visiting Normandy from Bayeux, follow the signs to Cimeteire Militaire Allemande. Here lie the bodies of 21,000 German soldiers. The center mound covers the remains of 207 unknown German soldiers and 89 others. Atop the center mound is a large basalt cross. On each side of the cross is a figure symbolizing a parent.

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