LodeStar by Patricia Taylor Wells: 2020 Texas Book Award Winner

Poems that address the complexities of faith, hope, and loss alongside the simplicity of creation.

LodeStar by Patricia Wells, my friend and a member of the East Texas Writers Guild, has received the 2020 Best of Texas Book Award for Poetry.

She received the award from the Authors Marketing Guild, located in Austin, Texas.

LodeStar is a collection of poems that seeks to juxtapose the light and dark moments of life.

Patricia Taylor Wells explores the longing of a broken heart as well as the magical power of infatuation.

She addresses the complexities of faith, hope, and loss alongside the simplicity of creation.

Like a light guiding us out of darkness, there is no better lodestar than a poem.

Patricia Taylor Wells

Meet Patricia Taylor Wells:

Patricia Taylor Wells holds a BA in English and French and has facilitated writing critique groups for the Atlanta Writers Club and Knoxville Writers Group.

She published her first book in 2016: Camp Tyler, A First of its Kind for the benefit of Camp Tyler, the oldest outdoor education school in the country, which she attended as a child.

Most of Ms. Wells’ writing has been directed at serving organizations and causes important to her. As a result, she was selected to write the first article for the newly created Authors Among Us column in Tyler Today Magazine (June/July 2016).

She also published two poems, a short story, and a narrative non-fiction article in the 2016 East Texas Writers Guild Anthology.

In addition, the first chapter of The Eyes of the Doe placed as a finalist in the 2016 First Chapter Competition for Historical Fiction sponsored by East Texas Writers Guild.

She especially enjoys writing poetry and draws inspiration from the wide range of experience she gathered from her travels and living in a variety of places.

She currently lives in Tyler, Texas, with her husband Bob and their dog Kaspar.

Please click HERE to find LodeStar on Amazon.

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