Listen to your heart as you go through life.


I HAVE BEEN BINGE LISTENING to podcasts. All kinds of podcasts, including mine where I talk to people from all walks of life about how and why they shifted the story, or a story, of their life.

So many common themes crop up.

It doesn’t matter whether they are extremely famous, or just like you and me. We all deal with the same issues, many of which I have written about before, and I promise to write about again.

But, let’s start with one that always gets in the way of doing what we dream of doing and is really so much fun to get rid of it.

It’s the one where we make things hard to do.

Beca Lewis
Beca Lewis

For now, let’s not deal with why we do it, let’s just move to the fun part of not doing it.

When you have an idea to do something, from cleaning your closet to building a new business, to going on an adventure, there are a few things that happen.

First, the human mind inputs all the possibilities of how hard it is going to be.

It starts worrying about what might happen, how much money and time it will take, how hard it will be, and what will people say. Often this results in deciding that it will be just too hard to do.

And life goes into the stuck mode – again.

Stop it. Literally stop it. Stop listening to that talk.

Those are not your thoughts.

It’s what Steven Pressfield in his book The War Of Art calls resistance. Whatever name you call it, just let it keep rambling along with paying any attention to it.

Instead, make a decision based on what you want. Take out the logistics of doing it to make that decision.

Do you want to clean your closet, build a new business, go on an adventure?

Say yes or no. Yes?

Now deal with each aspect of that decision that has to do with the logistics of it.

Each logistic piece needs a decision. One at a time.

Along the way, you may decide to you don’t want to do this thing after all. But, you will have a clearer vision of what you do want to do without all the head garbage getting in the way.

Here’s the next step. Don’t make it so hard to do.

Dividing the decision from the logistics starts that process.

But, there is more. And here are two ideas that will help.

Keep asking yourself, is there an easier way? Do I have to do it that way? What if I did it this way?

Next, break out the doing of it into tiny chunks.

Start with five minutes.

Just do five minutes of it. Every day.  The chunks may grow into bigger chunks, but start with five.

Five minutes moves the human mind away from always making what we want to do harder than necessary, and tricks it.

That’s the fun part. We get to trick our human mind, because really that is not who we are. We are much more than that.

Ideas come from someplace other than the human brain. We all have had the experience of having an idea float in for us to use ( or abuse). Liz Gilbert in Big Magic does a masterful job of talking about this process.

Whether you call it the Infinite, or God, or the Universe, or the term I often use, Angel Ideas, they are ours to keep and use for our benefit.

Examine each to see if you want to keep it.

Make a decision to follow the idea, without including the logistics in the decision.

Turn the logistics into one decision at a time.

Keep asking if there is an easier way.

Break it down into chunks of tiny times.

Oh, and stop believing that voice in your head tells you the truth and is you. It doesn’t and it isn’t.

Listen instead to your heart, your gut, the still small voice within, and then and only then, use your intellect to accomplish what the heart wants.

See – fun!

Let’s go. Make it easy, and play!

Beca Lewis is the author of Living in Grace.


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