Linda’s Review of As Red As Any Blood by Patrice Greenwood

It’s the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the yuletide streets of Santa Fe are being stalked by a murderer.

Yuletide in Santa Fe: biscochitos, farolitos, Las Posadas, music…and murder.

Ellen Rosings does not have time for murder investigations. It’s December, and the Wisteria Tearoom is awash in shoppers, cookies, and groups of strange women brought to tea by the eccentric Bird Woman.

Alas, Ellen must cope with murder anyway.

One of her high school classmates is stabbed to death, and she and her best friend Gina can’t resist the puzzle. Handsome Tony Aragón is on the case, and Ellen is only too happy to assist, but when a second classmate of Ellen’s turns up dead, Tony’s protective instinct kicks in.

Much as Ellen agrees, she can’t stay in a cocoon—she’s got a business to run.

Is the fact that the victim has recently been to the tearoom merely a coincidence?

Could Tony’s gratifying concern for Ellen’s safety inspire him to become her personal bodyguard?

And what on earth should she get him for Christmas?

This cozy mystery is the sixth in the Wisteria Tearoom Mysteries series.

Patrice Greenwood

Review by Linda Pirtle:

In As Red as Any Blood, Book six in Patricia Greenwood’s Wisteria Tearoom Mysteries, Ellen Rosings finds herself embroiled in another murder mystery.

This time, it affects her personally.

When three of her high school classmates are murdered, Ellen surreptitiously teams up with Tony Aragon of the Santa Fe Police Department to glean as much information as she can about her former classmates.

Only after Ellen’s life is endangered does she provide the last clue to Tony, one which finally solves the murders.

All of the action occurs during the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, a challenging time as the Tearoom stays booked up for tea.

And once again, Ellen and Tony’s relationship hangs in the balance as both lovers tend their professional careers.

Greenwood’s cozy mystery also reveals another side of Ellen Rosings’s businesslike personality when she discovers why the Bird Woman constantly brings a wide assortment of ladies to the Tearoom.

Looking forward to purchasing and reading the next book in this series.

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