Linda’s Review of Love’s Enigma by Breakfield and Burkey

From the very first line of the story, the reader is whisked into a life or death situation.

Hopelessly in love and desperately fearful!

Zara and Buzz are products of vastly different upbringings.

Their chance meeting ignites attraction they must explore. Even with lies and omissions, they find themselves falling in love.

For them, its a good thing love is blind.

A defining incident offers the opportunity to explore a future together.

They move away from everything for a fresh start. They optimize their experiences to build a life they never imagined in the Caribbean. Then their demons’ surface.

Zara distrusts love because of her past.

She’s afraid to commit anyone.

Buzz wants love, better than what he’d lost.

Will Zara slip through his fingers? Can they honestly bury their past? If those secrets are shared, will their love be destroyed?

Charles Breakfield and Roxanne Burkey

Review by Linda Pirtle

Rox Burkey and Charles Breakfield have perfected the art of what I would describe as a dual-author project akin to Preston and Childs.

Burkey and Breakfield are an accomplished writing duo whose voices blend so well that the reader can’t tell when one author stops and the other picks up the fast-moving short story entitled Love’s Enigma.

From the very first line of the story, the reader is whisked into a life or death situation. Buzz and his two cohorts, Jacob and Carlos, are on a mission to rescue the woman Buzz loves.

He finds her bloody, semi-unconscious body tied to a chair. She has taken a beating as well.  After a stint in the hospital, Buzz took Zara home and guarded her slow recovery.

“He noticed that she seemed most troubled during the minutes between sleep and when she awoke.”

Did she relive the pain of the beating administered by Chairman Chang?

Or did a dark painful past disturb her dreams? Buzz knew very little about Zara’s past.

Buzz offers Zara the opportunity to run away to a tropical island where they can build a life away together, one that’s free from danger.

Their love for each other grows more and more serious day by day.

But can it last?

Will secrets from Zara’s past hamper Buzz’s plans to marry Zara and start a family?

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