Linda Pirtle and Kelly Marshall: Meet the Author Podcast

Join Linda Pirtle and Kelly Marshall to learn more about the Crime Chronicles of Magnolia Bluff. They appear tonight, Wednesday, October 23, at 7 p.m. EST, on Meet the Author Podcast at Indie Book Source, hosted by Rob and Joan Carter.

Indie Book Source returns to Magnolia Bluff, devoting its Meet the Author Podcast on Wednesday night to books seven and eight of the acclaimed Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles.

Hosts Rob and Joan Carter will be interviewing Linda Pirtle about Dewey Decimal Dilemma, released in October, and Kelly Marshall about Justice, scheduled for a November release.

Linda Pirtle says, “It is only natural that I would one day wind up in the literary field. I taught the art of writing and understanding literature for years as an English teacher at St. John High School, Lancaster High School, and Ennis High School as well as Business Communications at Navarro College.

“When I retired, I turned to working with my husband to create, a literary Website devoted to connecting readers with today’s growing population of authors throughout the world. I have served as editor for some great books presently in the marketplace, and a year ago I entered the field as an author myself.

“It was a perfect transition. I have long read and reviewed mysteries, and I found myself infatuated with the kinds of cozy hometown mysteries produced by Agatha Christie and Diane Mott Davidson. I am fascinated with dastardly murder mysteries solved by the lady next door who relies on intuition, instinct, and deductive reasoning.

“I decided to write a cozy mystery series – The Games We Play — which focuses on how people bent on evil can ruin an innocent, fun game.

“I have been blessed with the following recognitions: Nominated as Top Female Author 2017; Author of the Month; and selected as a Readers Favorite for Deadly Dominoes.”

Kelly Marshall says: “I always knew communication would dominate my life.

“I thought it would be as a writer, and I hoped to pen best-selling novels.

“But life took a left turn and instead, I ended up at a broadcasting school In Colorado, then spent the next thirty years playing music, interviewing interesting people, and doing love song dedications. “Although the experience was intense, it didn’t seem like work at all.

“I had a ball.

“After thirty years, I walked away from the microphone and decided to follow my first love…writing.”

Dewey Decimal Dilemma

Magnolia Bluff, Texas, is a typical small town in the heart of the Hill Country.

Just because it is small and everybody knows everyone’s business, the town isn’t insulated from murder and mayhem. Which begs the questions: Who’s responsible for breaking into houses? How are poodles, ghosts, drug cartels, and Ponzi schemes connected with a serial killer?

Caroline McCluskey, the town’s librarian, routinely catalogues books using the Dewey Decimal system. When a black and white poodle puppy arrives unannounced, she calls him Dewey. His arrival creates a challenge for Caroline. Now, she must catalogue events to identify a serial killer in her town.

No matter how many murders occur, no matter what kinds of mischief the town experiences, some traditions never vary.

Come Monday morning, the early-morning group sits at the coffee shop’s round table to solve the world’s problems.

Come Thursday, ladies sit in dim lights with their husbands and/or escorts in LouEllen’s Lounge and listen to romantic melodies.

Come Sunday, all good Christians sit in their pews at either the Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, or Catholic sanctuaries to hear the Gospels.

The killer may be among them, singing the loudest.

Praying the hardest.

In Magnolia Bluff, you never can tell.

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Madison Jackson loves her job as a State Conservation Police Officer for the Texas Department of Fish and Game.

She normally hands out citations for no fishing or game licenses, but as a law enforcement officer with sweeping powers she also is involved in cases that involve drug smuggling and human trafficking.

One case stuns Madison to her core when a young girl is discovered raped and murdered just outside of Magnolia Bluff.

The sight of that battered and bruised child on a stainless-steel slab in the morgue sends Madison on a perilous trip south of the border into the heart of the Mexican cartel country.

Her efforts to exact justice for the innocent Jane Doe are life-altering and could cost Madison everything

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