Life Continues and Love Remains


SOMETIMES LOVED ONES LEAVE. Sometimes they leave by choice, either ours or theirs.

Sometimes they leave when it is time for them to leave.

Sometimes they leave a relationship with us. That means it is possible to see the again.

Sometimes they leave by dying, and we miss their physical presence.

Choice or time, physical or not, all forms of leaving have a few things in common.

One Truth underlies it all. Although loved ones may leave Love does not. We are never alone, or abandoned, or lost, or unloved.

Our emotions may tell us otherwise.

Besides missing them we often experience regrets. We think “I could have done more,” or we ask, “What did I do wrong?” These thoughts can be helpful, but only if we treat them as a learning experience and not as a producer of guilt.

Paying attention to how to become more skilled at relationships is a good thing. We can practice becoming better at love; but, we can’t stay in the feeling of pain and guilt. This will not make us better, it will only block out the joy of life.

Beca Lewis
Beca Lewis

We can practice expanding our life into love, whether the people we love are present, or not.

For years I have been applying wettable sulfur to the moss and the grass on our hill. I am providing an environment where moss can thrive, and the grass and weeds can not. My intent is to have a mossy hill.

This same idea can be applied to our relationships.

When we provide the environment that we wish to live in, then others will find comfort there. But, not everyone thrives in the same environment.

This doesn’t make one good, or one bad. Although  relationships may make a transition to a different form, Love remains. We will experience that higher Love if we don’t allow regret or guilt or fear or anger to take control.

In 1st Corinthians 13 we read that charity never fails. What is this charity, or Love, that Paul is talking about? It can’t be human love because it does often fail. It must be the omnipotent Love that is ever present.

As we choose to practice a higher awareness of omnipresent Love we provide an environment for others to also experience the Love that never fails.

Those that are traveling the same road as us may continue to walk with us. Those that are traveling a different road will not. But, Love has never left us or them.

Sometimes the different road is the transition we call death. This can be very painful because we know we won’t bump into our loved ones somewhere in our life. We can’t call them on the phone, visit them in person, or even send them an email.

And yet, we know there is no death. We know this because we know that the infinite intelligence that we know as the Divine, or God, is Life Itself. We know this Life to be omnipresent  and omniscient. We know that there is no beginning and no ending.

Sometimes this is easy to forget.

We are used to celebrating the seeming beginning of life known as birth, and mourning the seeming ending called death. But, neither is real. Both are a marking of time born within a perception that we have adopted as our own, but is not the Truth of Life.

Sometimes we are witnesses to that passage between the awareness of the life that we live in now, and a new awareness of life that those who are making a transition experience. This is always evidence for us that Life continues and Love remains. We can rejoice and find comfort and peace in that awareness.

At the end of that same verse in Corinthians Paul says, “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.”

As we experience more of “knowing as we are known” we will experience less of the sense of loss at what only appears as a leaving.

We will experience more of the joy of knowing that there is no loss, nor leaving, there is only omnipresent Love Loving Itself seen as Life.

Life continues and Love remains.

Beca Lewis is the author of Living in Grace. 


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