Letters Mailed Down a Washboard Road.

Washboard Road


Dear lovely relative, best lifelong friend, cherished acquaintance, befriended street person:

I know that you have heard of that runaway, imaginative, acclaimed, No. 1, prize-winning, electronic, no doubt book-of-the-year nominee on Amazon entitled  Heart Songs from a Washboard Road.

Probably sick of hearing about it and all of the attention it’s getting by now, huh.

Oh, you haven’t?


Lightning strike your computer and fry it?

Didn’t pay your TV cable bill so they cut it off?

Stop your newspaper subscription like everybody else?


Anyway, there is such a book out there.

Just quietly sitting there on Amazon.

Waiting to be noticed.

It might be.

Never can tell.

You can help.

All you have to do is log on to Amazon, check the five-star rating for the book of short stories, then write a review of it.

It’s simple.

No need to gushy-gush about the book

No, no. Not atall.

You can make it short, if you want.

Or long.

Just use words like terrific, wonderful, insightful, dramatic, literary, humorous, captivating, spellbinding.

And say things like:

“Couldn’t put the book down.”

And, “Sure best seller.”

Or, if you insist, you can be truthful.

We can handle truthful.

But, to be honest, praise always makes us feel better.

Better toward life.

Better toward you.

Nice thing is, you don’t really even have to read the book.

But then you might miss the clue in the book about how to win a million dollars.

Just joshing about that last part.

But it is true that if I sell a million books I will be a millionaire.

Of course, there is zero chance in a trillion million that that will happen.

But if enough books sell we plan to take the family out to dine.

Down at McDonald’s. They have a terrific, wonderful, imaginative, knock-your-socks off dollar menu.

To reiterate, and just so you know, all reviews appreciated.

Good or bad or in between.

But just remember, as in all things, good is always better than in between or bad.

All the best.

Definitely your very best relative and friend and acquaintance and street person befriender ever in the whole wide world.



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