Let’s work together to sell each other’s books.

Writers work alone, but they don't have to promote their books that way.
Writers work alone, but they don’t have to promote their books that way.

WRITER’S FACE the world alone.

At least, writers feel that way.

They crawl into their own dark little worlds.

They look around.

They don’t know anybody.

Nobody knows them.

Someone will die.


And why?

The writer shrugs.

He or she doesn’t know either.

Writers face a blank screen.

Some days they have nothing to say.

They have no one to help them say it.

Dug yourself a hole?

Here’s a shovel.

Dig your way out.

Writers search for the right word.

Some days there are no right words.

Some days there are no words.

They write sentences.

And delete them.

They publish stories.

And wish they hadn’t.

Wrong setting.

Wrong time period.

Wrong characters.

Wrong punch line

Wrong story.

Writers have a book on the market.

It sits on Amazon alone.

Who will find it?

Who will read it?

Who cares it exists?

Writing is a lonely business.

So is marketing.

We can’t help anyone tell a story.

But we can help writers tell the world about their books.

A lot of us write.

None of us are in competition.

We should all be cooperating with each other.

Maybe they’ll buy my book.

Maybe they’ll buy your book.

Maybe they will buy all of our books.

There may be a lot of writers.

There are even more readers.

Let’s help each other get the word out.

I have a challenge for each of you who sends book to Amazon.

Every day, let’s go on Twitter and retweet at least twenty tweets about books old and new.

Let’s each take a handful of books we find on Amazon and showcase them on Facebook.

Let’s contact authors and interview them.

Let’s featured books on our Websites.

Let’s feature authors on our Websites.

Let’s invite other authors to write guest blogs on our Website.

If not, let’s find wonderful blogs from authors and re-post them on our Websites, linking those blogs with books the writers have published..

Don’t know the author?

It doesn’t matter.

Don’t know the book?

It doesn’t matter either.

They took the effort to write it.

We can take the effort to promote it.

Writers will always work alone.

That’s the nature of the beast.

But let’s make sure that other writers don’t always feel alone.

Out there in the hinterlands, they do have friends.

We may be strangers.

But we can sure start acting like friends.

So many of you already work hard to regularly support other authors.

You are a Godsend.

The publishing world would be lost without you.

The rest of us need to jump on board as well.

It’s a wonderful trade-off.

You work for other writers.

And you will find those writers working just as diligently for you.

We can each market our book, and we are nothing more than a lone voice crying in the wilderness.

If we all support each other’s books on social media on our Websites, then the voice grows louder and stronger.

Many voices touch potential readers writers don’t know are out there.

The term we hear today is discoverability.

Let’s do the best we can to make sure everyone’s book is discovered.

The happiest day of my life is when I sell a book.

The second happiest day is when I can help sell one of yours.

Separately, we work and exist alone.

Together, we can make a difference for us all.

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