Let’s read a novel a chapter a day.


Ask a baby boomer.

Breakfast cereal.

Serial murder.

Serial movies (think Buck Rogers).


Serial novels.

Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, Stephen King have all written them.

A Christmas Carol, Sherlock Holmes,The Green Mile all started as serials.

Serials have been around for years.

Now they’re back with a vengeance.

Even Amazon is offering serials — and The Huffington Post.

Caleb and Linda Pirtle has long been running serials with a variety of frequencies.

Take your pick.

Read a chapter a day, one a week, two a week, one a month, whatever you prefer. Regardless of the readers’ schedules, VG leaves each episode/chapter available on the site for future reference. If you miss an episode, or two, or more, it’s easy to catch up.

You may choose to read several chapters every now and then, or maybe wait and read the entire book from the site. Some authors will make their books available in both e-books and paperbacks when the serial is almost or completely finished.

As of this writing, VG Serials has twenty-one novels in progress and more on the way. In a recent conversation with publisher Caleb Pirtle, we discovered that once the site began running the serials, the number of visitors to the site increased exponentially.

Who reads serials?

Ask a baby boomer.

Boomers have embraced the technology of the 21st century just as their children and grandchildren.

Serial novels are an effective vehicle for new authors to develop an audience and build a following. Perhaps the most lasting benefit is for the reader. Readers can sample the works of a variety of writers and along the way, may discover the next Hemingway or Grisham.

TheTouristKiller-3dLeft-245x300Please click the book cover image to read more about FC Etier and The Tourist Killer. His novel, The Presidents Club, will soon be released. It was introduced as a serial on Caleb and Linda Pirtle.


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