Lee Gimenez: One of the Top 10 Crime Thriller Writers You Need To Be Reading

Lee Gimenez delivers a dynamite plot and realistic settings, with lots of intrigue and suspense.

Lee Gimenez is the award-winning author of 15 books, including his highly-acclaimed J.T. Ryan series. His latest mystery novel is CROSSFIRE, a J.T. Ryan Thriller.

Lee is a nominee for the 2019 Author Academy Award, and many of his books were Featured Novels of the International Thriller Writers Association, among them FIREBALL, FBI CODE RED, The MEDIA MURDERS, SKYFLASH, KILLING WEST, and The WASHINGTON ULTIMATUM.

Lee is a multi-year nominee for the Georgia Author of the Year Award and was a Finalist in the prestigious Terry Kay Prize for Fiction.

All of his books are available in paperback and e-book versions in the U.S. and Internationally. Lee served as an officer in the U.S. Army and during his business management career worked for several Fortune 500 companies.

He is a graduate of Georgia Tech University and later received his MBA. Please join him on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and LinkedIn. For more information about him, visit his website at LeeGimenez.com.

Lee Gimenez



Face-Look is the world’s largest social media company. When that company’s president is brutally murdered, the FBI investigates. As more people are killed, former Special Forces soldier John (J.T.) Ryan and FBI Assistant Director Erin Welch are assigned to the case. Ryan and Erin delve into the mystery and begin to uncover a vast criminal conspiracy behind the murders.

A conspiracy involving not just Face-Look, but also the world’s other social media and high-tech corporations. As more people are murdered, Ryan pursues the secret cabal of criminals across the USA, Japan, and Europe.

The dangerous and harrowing journey takes him from the mansions of the super-rich to the gritty back streets of the criminal underworld. There he learns the ultimate goal of the secret group, known only as Viper. A goal so explosive it will cause the collapse of the American economy.

Can John Ryan and Erin Welch capture the murderous criminals before they themselves are killed?


A series of mysterious murders have taken place in Atlanta. As the body count mounts, FBI Assistant Director Erin Welch hires private investigator J. T. Ryan to help.

What he finds is stunning – the murders are linked to a new illegal drug showing up on America’s streets. Named ‘Skyflash’, the powerful drug gives users a breathtaking burst of intelligence, strength, and confidence.

But Skyflash has a horrifying dark side. Once the initial rush is over, the narcotic turns users into deranged killers. And the problem is growing, as the usage of the drug spreads across the U.S.

As Ryan closes in on the criminal masterminds behind Skyflash, he learns a shocking secret about the drug. A secret so explosive it exposes some of America’s most powerful people.

Can Ryan blow the lid off the conspiracy before hired assassins kill him and the woman he loves?

FBI Code Red

A secret conspiracy is leaving a deadly trail of murders in its wake. When John (J.T.) Ryan, a decorated war hero and the FBI’s best investigator is assigned to the murder case, he becomes the conspiracy’s next target.

Ryan narrowly evades the killers, then finds himself inexplicably put on the FBI’s Code Red watch-list. His world is turned upside down as the FBI undertakes a massive manhunt for his capture. The Bureau’s Assistant Director Erin Welch, Ryan’s friend and boss, is put in charge of the manhunt.

Ryan is forced to flee the USA and go to China to evade capture and clear his name. There he teams up with smart and beautiful CIA agent Rachel West.

Their smoldering relationship goes to the next level as they attempt to find the criminals behind the conspiracy.

Can John Ryan evade his assassins, prove his innocence, and catch the deadly conspirators who set him up? Or will he be murdered to suppress the truth?

The Media Murders

Before breaking an explosive story, a famous New York Times reporter dies under suspicious circumstances. Then a well-known TV reporter commits suicide.

Suspecting foul play, the FBI’s John Ryan and Erin Welch investigate. As they probe the mysterious deaths, they uncover a shocking truth: Reporters are being murdered to suppress the news.

More shocking is who they suspect is responsible for the killings.

Can John Ryan and Erin Welch survive as they try to expose the conspiracy? Or will they be murdered by the assassins sent to keep them from revealing the truth?

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