LAST ONE CHOSEN, a review by @MarilouGeorge

Marilou George
Marilou George
Every  now and then something unexpected comes along in the book world to buoy my spirits, to give me a little boost.
That’s the way I felt a few days ago when I saw the review on my novel LAST ONE CHOSEN that Marilou George posted on her blog, Confessions of a Reader.  Marilou is an avid reader and experienced reviewer, who reviews books for the Kindle Book Review.  Please drop by her site and take a look and also take the time to follow her on Twitter @MarilouGeorge.
Here is her review of LAST ONE CHOSEN.
This is a book that is totally captivating from the onset as Stephen Woodfin has woven together a story that is compelling and suspenseful yet a profound reminder of the true meaning of loyalty and love.
Last One Chosen is a fast-paced emotional legal thriller that explores the goodness of mankind in a unique and thought provoking fashion. It also brings to the surface the overzealousness on the part of those who determine they are above the law and go to extreme lengths to accomplish their own agenda.
Scientist Joshua Issacharoff who has been living in obscurity in a small town as a heating and air conditioning repairman is arrested by Homeland Security. He finds himself facing the death penalty for espionage and the government agents prosecuting his case will use any means possible to accomplish their goals. Two lawyers attempting to defend Joshua are hindered at every turn yet are devoted to helping their client and expose the truth.
This is a story of tremendous friendship and loyalty a portrayal of freedom and justice written in rich detail. The characters are deeply portrayed and defined with a true sense of realism. The essence of freedom and loyalty are palpable as you experience the outstanding writing in this book. The attention to detail and research put into this book is evident and lend to the overall feeling conveyed.
I highly recommend this book to all readers; Last One Chosen is an outstanding read that you will contemplate even after the last page is read.
Wow.  What author wouldn’t love a review like that one?
Thanks, so much,  Marilou.  I am so glad you enjoyed the book.  Like so many first novels authors write, LAST ONE CHOSEN was a true labor of love for me.

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