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LOST by R. S. Guthrie
LOST by R. S. Guthrie













R.S. Guthrie is a writer with an attitude.  I like that.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t like people who are full of themselves. That’s an attitude we can all do without.  Rather, I like people who speak their minds and let the chips fall where they will.

And I like people who are serious about the craft of writing, but who can poke fun at themselves. It is a delicate balance because writers have to believe in their work.  They have to be convinced that what they have written is worth reading.

But they don’t have to be pompous about it.

Anyone who reads Guthrie’s blog “Rob on Writing” knows that he does a fine job keeping these divergent currents in balance. He speaks his mind, laughs at himself and challenges writers to work hard at their writing.

R. S. Guthrie
R. S. Guthrie

This weekend, I finished Guthrie’s book L O S T.  Here is the five star review I posted on Amazon.

I came to R.S. Guthrie’s LOST without the benefit of reading the first book in the Clan of MacAulay series, BLACK BEAST. However, Guthrie has structured LOST with references to the former story, and these allow LOST to stand on its own as a fine paranormal thriller.

Guthrie’s writing is as fluent and gripping as that of any contemporary author. He gives the reader a complex plot, and uses his characters as symbols for the human propensities not only for good, but also for depravity. Although good ultimately triumphs, the victory is partial at best and comes at almost too high a price. Just as life takes it toll on all of us who have lived very long, it takes its toll on Guthrie’s characters, leaving them marked, changed, haunted.

The production quality of Guthrie’s book is also outstanding. I especially liked the occasional line drawing, symbol and even a faux newspaper clipping dropped in the body of the text. It is a first-class piece of work.

I understand Guthrie has one more Clan of MacAulay book up his sleeve. I look forward to it.

Do yourself a favor and check out the writing of R. S. Guthrie.  You won’t be disappointed.   While you’re at it, drop by “Rob on Writing” and leave Rob a comment.

If you dare.




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