Did you know there was a book about that?

In the last few weeks as part of a project I am working on I have looked at a lot of books.

Books on every topic imaginable.

I had no idea.

Did you know that almost every topic a person can conceive has been the subject of a novel or non-fiction book?

I’m not kidding.

It doesn’t surprise me to find many books about politics, religion, the relationship of the sexes, diet, fitness and business skills.  These are perennial topics that never go out of style.

But the real kicker is to see how many books there are on arcane areas of human knowledge, fields of inquiry most of us never study or don’t even know exist.

Take Bonsai trees, for example.

Bonsai Master Class

A person who knows a little something about Bonsai trees and wants to take her knowledge to the next level can tuck this book under her arm and study it to her heart’s content.

Or if we want to stay with the Bs, we could consider baboons.

baboon metaphysics

Which of course reminds me of a joke, or at least a funny recollection.

Remember back in the ’70s when doctors were experimenting with heart transplants?  They discovered that baboon hearts were almost identical to human ones, so they transplanted a few of them into people.

I think it may have been the wonderful columnist Lewis Grizzard, now gone to his eternal reward, who observed this new medical development and quickly penned a country song entitled, “My Baby’s Got a Baboon Heart.”

Still with the Bs is this touching tome about America’s team.

Boys will be Boys

I imagine the author added a new chapter this week after the Boys’ recent tangle with the Redskins.

And speaking of the Redskins.

Did you hear that because of the embarrassment the team’s name has brought the Washington Redskins the team  has agreed to change its name?  From now on they will just be The Redskins.

Okay, I’m jumping out of the Bs.

How about this one?

Knot of Time

I don’t even know what to say about that one.

Is there one about astrology and the male experience?

Maybe not quite as strong a vibe?

Now that the holidays are approaching, I have to admit I like this one.

Wreck the Halls

I could go on and on.

For every idea there is a book, or two or twelve.

Some might say that’s a shame, but I believe it is simply a reflection of the human desire to tell a story, to share something learned or something funny, or something bizarre.

Do you have a favorite odd ball book?

Care to share?

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