Kindle Books and Tips and Book Blast, two good places for book promotion

Imagine the violins in the background as the speaker at the writing conference tells all the attendees, “There are two rules to success in the new world of Indie publishing:  write a good book and wrap it in a pretty package.”

The silence is deafening as members of the audience think of the hundreds or thousands of hours they have devoted to making their books as good as they can be, including world-class editing and cover art.  They don’t applaud, ooh and awe, because they know there is still something missing.

They have produced a good, even superior product.

But it isn’t selling.

The third component no one wants to discuss is book promotion.

I don’t know why authors shy away from this topic, but they do so at their peril.

In the last few months, the world of digital book promotion has experienced an evolutionary shift.  This new phase is characterized by third party sites outside Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other ebook retailers, sites that combine a huge email list with targeted offers of discounted or free ebooks.  With the advent of Amazon’s new policy curtailing associates’ use of free books as a cornerstone of their business model, these third party sites are de-emphasizing free books and focusing on discounted, quality ebooks.

Over the last couple of days I have used the services of two of these sites.  I recommend both of them as inexpensive places where Indie authors can get the word out about their books and make some sales.

KIndle books and Tips

The first site is Kindle Books and Tips.  I first ran a promotion with Kindle Books and Tips in  early May 2013 after author Robert B. Lowe told me about his good experience there.  I had a “regular” ad as opposed to a “featured” listing and the results were gratifying.  Gratifying in this context means I made more in sales than I spent on the ad.  Let’s be real, people.  I had another “regular” ad this week with good results, and have already purchased “featured” promos on two different books for July and August.

book blast

The second site I commend to you is Book Blast.  I had not heard of it until I read David Gaughran’s new book Let’s Get Visible a few days ago.  Gaughran mentions Book Blast in that book, so I looked it up and placed an ad that ran Sunday (which is today, because I am writing this blog at eleven o’clock Sunday night).

I paid $40 to run a spot on Book Blast for my novel Last One Chosen, which was discounted from $3.99 to $2.99 for purposes of the promo.

The results were gratifying, if you catch my drift.

These two sites, along with a handful of others, are the coming thing in the digital book business.  It really is an exquisite system.  Develop an extensive list of subscribers who want recommendations for good books and then send them daily book deals.

It’s a match made in heaven, one that has taken the book world by storm.



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