Ken Stark: Meet the Author Podcast at Indie Book Source


Discover the horror and apocalyptic novels of Ken Stark tonight at 7 p.m. EST on Meet the Author Podcast at Indie Book Source, hosted by Rob and Joan Carter.

Multi-award-winning horror writer Ken Stark was born in Saskatchewan, but has called Vancouver home for most of his life.

He was raised on a steady diet of science fiction and disaster movies, so it seems right that his first published book series be about the zombie apocalypse.

In his spare time, Ken tries to paint like Bob Ross and play poker like Doyle Brunson, but results suggest that he might have got it all backwards.

Ken Stark says, “”If I can move a reader, I am honoured. If those words I string together resonate with the reader in some way, I am thrilled. But if one reader out of a thousand experiences an actual nightmare because of what I wrote, then I will know that I’ve done my job right, and you may consider me ecstatic.”

Ken Stark


Stage 3: Charlie

Waverly Manor was a place where people went to die.

After the end, it became the last bastion of life in a dead city.

For Charlie, those walls of brick and mortar had always provided sanctuary against a world he feared, even before the dead started to rise.

When other survivors showed up on Waverley’s doorstep, another man might have been thrilled to know that he was not the last living soul on Earth. But not Charlie.

The monsters trying to batter down the walls were frightening enough.

The thought of the kind of men who could survive among the living dead was the stuff of nightmares.

The only thing Hank Mason ever feared was losing the friends who had become his family.

Now, with no supplies left and the dearest member of that family fighting for her life, the man he was trying to become is rapidly turning back into the man he used to be.

To him, Charlie is a weakling and a coward. With a new threat rising out of the swarms, he knows it will take every ounce of strength and courage they can muster to escape the city of the dead.

Something about this place was changing the living dead things.

Altering their behavior.

Improving their ability to hunt.

Either what they were witnessing was Darwinism at work, or something deadlier was coming their way.

Something so deadly… that it just might mean the end for the last of mankind.

Gaia’s Game

It’s been a day like no other for Sheriff Tom Cooper.

A body has been found in an abandoned mansion, and it looks like that’s just the beginning.

Reports have been coming in from all across Keeter’s Bluff.

Violent attacks. Townspeople disappearing. Others found torn to pieces.

Bodies now litter the streets from one end of town to the other, and it’s not just happening on Keeter’s Bluff.

With the setting of the sun, Sheriff Cooper is faced with the shocking truth…

This is not the work of a madman.

This enemy is closer to home, and it might be impossible to defeat.

He and a handful of friends only have hours left to end the carnage.

If they can’t find a way to stop this unthinkable new horror, this might be the last night for Keeter’s Bluff, and quite possibly, the world.

“Similar to the Alfred Hitchcock thriller The Birds, Keeter’s Bluff is under siege and no one is safe in Gaia’s Game by Ken Stark. Expertly written, it contains a compelling and suspenseful plot, solid and personable characters, and a definitive and climactic story arc that builds to a dramatic and chilling conclusion. It is a phenomenal horror story that promises to thrill… Outstanding!” ~ Readers’ Favorite Review

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