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“Every experience is potential fodder for a novel.” Patricia A. Guthrie

Patricia A. Guthrie is the author of romantic suspense, paranormal, mystery novels and short stories.

Her current published novels IN THE ARMS OF THE ENEMY, WATERLILIES OVER MY GRAVE and LEGACY OF DANGER and her short story WILLED ACCIDENTS HAPPEN are available in online bookstores such as

She also has short stories published on Amazon, Skyline Magazine and Affaire Du Coeur and non-fiction articles in the Collie Cassette and the online ‘Nature Journal.’

Patricia Guthrie is an accomplished musician: opera singer, church soloist and music teacher. After leaving the opera, she became a music therapist in a school for children with special needs and then went on to teach music in the Chicago Public School system.

She resides in the Chicago area with her cats, Archie and Kitzy Kitty, and her horse, Dixie, who help her write every chance they get. Pat’s an avid animal lover and advocate.

Regarding biographies, “It’s amazing how your life can be reduced to 150 words.” Bruce Berg.

Legacy of Danger

Elena Dkany inherits her family’s castle in Romania, a land dipped in myths, folklore, and the legendary walking dead.

The local proverb serves as warning: “Do not speak badly of the Devil, because you cannot know to whom you will belong.”

When she’s attacked by an international assassin, only her deceased husband and her ex-boyfriend’s live presence can protect her on her journey to the mountainous region of Transylvania.

But that’s not the only problem troubling Elena.

Who is that boy invading her dreams?

And what really happened to a priceless gem-crusted silver cross buried by an earthquake in the fifteenth century?

Who’s stalking Elena?

Who wants her dead and why?

Eerie Charms of the Short Story

Lucifer loses his day job, so he starts his own gig.

A little girl’s tantrum destroys her toys, but will they lash out in revenge?

Can a miserable housewife find a new life for herself in a tear-stained old painting?

Stories include a snake deciding the fate of the world, a slot machine choosing life’s winners and losers, a malevolent fairy dancing men to their deaths, a couple desperate to escape a train station, the dog-show judge facing death, and more.

Patricia A. Guthrie offers a cauldron of eerie delights that will please, delight, and yet terrify you!

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