The Voice of Indie Podcast discusses the mystery of Magnolia Bluff

Missed the show? Click Here to find the archived edition of my appearance on the Voice of Indie Podcast.

Thanks to everyone to listened in or called into the Voice of Indie Podcast last night.  Beem Weeks and Stephen Geez of Fresh Ink Group are wonderful hosts.

You can click HERE to find an archived edition of the show.

We discussed writing.

And books, including my historical mysteries and thrillers, of course.



Roxanne Burkey, CW Hawes, and James R. Callan, as well as Linda, called in, and we verbally dug into the mysteries and secrets all hidden within the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles.

Who created the immensely popular series?


What’s next?

And how were ten different authors able to take someone else’s characters and weave them into the mystery series?

It wasn’t easy.

But after a while, we thought they were our own.

I hope you take time to listen.

I think you’ll be glad you did.



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