John Crawley's new novel, The Myth Makers. Is the Mystery of it all Fact or Fiction?

It is always a distinct and honor and privilege to introduce the country to a new Caleb and Linda Pirtle novel, and, with The Myth Makers, noted author John Crawley has produced one of the most fascinating and intriguing stories any of us have read in a long time.

It could be true.

It is based on facts.

Or was it rumors?

Will anyone ever know for sure?

John Crawley, more than anyone else, has reached the depth of science and fiction in an effort to unravel a mystery that was and is a mystery still.

In the 1970’s, when energy was cheap and gas lines still a figment of our imagination, three engineers in the New Mexico desert discovered a secret hiding within the molecules of compounds hosting oxygen and hydrogen. As they coaxed the energy trapped inside out, they tripped over the laws of physics, which forbade perpetual motion from being a reality. What they invented would cost one of them his life, another one to go into a lifetime of clandestine hiding and finally the third to remain silent for over thirty years until his death.

What they invented became the substance of a great myth.

The invention; was it real or a hoax? Fact or fiction?  Were the men who created it scientists or con artists? Only five people in the world know for sure. And two of them are dead.

Journalist Jack Lawrence traces the origins of the old myth back to the men who claimed to have created a free energy machine. And by merely uncovering the dusty facts of their past, Jack and his colleagues at a failing, daily newspaper are placed in harms way. Some people will give anything to get the story. Others will do anything to keep that story from seeing the light of day.

The Myth Makers, Crawley’s eleventh novel, is based on the reality that everything is not as you see it, even if you see it with your eyes wide open.

The novel is now available as an e-book online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo, or you can find the hard copy at LULU Press.

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