Jennifer Brown’s Journey by Angie Langley

A heartwarming story about love, betrayal, and picking yourself up after your world changes.

Five feet one and full of fizz, Jennifer Brown lights up the room. She has a gorgeous partner, a wicked best friend, and a boss who doesn’t mind that she’s the worst typist on the planet. She’s loyal, generous and irredeemably ditzy.

Everyone loves Jennifer Brown. But can she learn to love herself? When her world caves in, she needs every ounce of her steely core to step back from the abyss and take charge of her life, reinventing herself first as cook and housekeeper to a saucy sexagenarian, then as manager of a tumbledown country estate with sensitive secrets.

Peopled by a battalion of hilarious characters from the caustic, cross-dressing confidant to the besotted ex-boyfriend with a barmy ex-wife, Jennifer Brown’s Journey is a heartwarming, thoughtful, often poignant portrait of the trials of life as a thirty-something woman.

Jennifer Brown champions the importance of self-belief and the value of a bucket-sized glass of wine in a tight spot.

And, always in the background, there’s the quiet man with the warm eYes, and the velvet vowels. What on earth is Jennifer Brown going to do about him?

The first in a series of three books, Jennifer Brown’s Journey is a story of female self-empowerment and the triumph of the human spirit in the face of challenges that many women will recognize.

Lighthearted and poignant, the story gives readers a very real sense of a woman, initially rather ditzy, maturing into a redoubtable, self-possessed individual who faces her many challenges with developing aplomb.

Angie Langley

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JENNIFER BROWN’S JOURNEY by Angie Langley is a heartwarming story about love, betrayal, and picking yourself up after your world changes.

Jennifer Brown seems to have it all – a hunky husband, a career, and a personality that endears herself to everyone she meets. But when she uncovers a secret betrayal, it turns her whole life inside out and Jennifer decides that it is time for a change of scene, in fact, a change of lifestyle.

From housekeeper to manager, as we travel along with Jennifer’s journey of self-discovery, be prepared to laugh out loud many many times, as the other characters that Jennifer encounters will blow your mind! But there is also a deeper side to this novel as we get to really know Jennifer who matures a lot over the course of this story as she begins to think deeply about what she wants from her future.

The characters are realistic, likable (well, except for one in particular!!), and really engaging and I read this story in one sitting without even realizing it until I turned the last page. The book is well-paced with never a dull moment and I loved seeing the real Jennifer emerge as she began to find her feet and self-confidence again.

JENNIFER BROWN’S JOURNEY by Angie Langley is a great read and perfect for fans who enjoy a well-written story with plenty of drama!

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By Mari Carlson

Chin up, Jennifer Brown, windows up, grab your sunnies and don’t let the seagulls steal ya chips! Let the Journey begin! Twelve years into a stint as a secretary at Intex, outside London, she’s had enough. Not only has her boyfriend, Pete with his Performing Pecker, cheated on her, but she’s the butt of jokes at work as well. Her “dirty rota” and “tits policy” typos earn her dumb blonde status. She wants to be taken more seriously. So, she drives off in her

So, she drives off in her beat-up Peugeot on a whirlwind journey of life-affirming self-discovery. There are jaunts to Australia and Spain and frequent calls to Will, her gay best friend. A journey implies change; Jennifer gains respect for herself and for her various working mates, slogging together through life, but what remains constant is her youthful mirth and her pursuit of happiness. Might it be found closer to home than she ever anticipated?

Angie Langley’s background in the entertainment business is apparent in the colorful characters she portrays. There’s Will, of course, and Jonathan, his and Jennifer’s debonair boss, Jennifer’s forgetful and all-too-generous mother, Gerald, the crotchety old fisherman made to wear a toupee by his Russian fiance, George, her next boss, kind but not in love with his high-maintenance wife, Larry, Jennifer’s kind-of (?) married Australian friend and the hippie cat woman whose barn she almost rents, to name a few. If you wish for a little less color and a little more focus

If you wish for a little less color and a little more focus to the plot, be patient with Jennifer. She’s worth the vibrant meandering: unflagging, even when she’s at her lowest point, whose empathy, humor and work ethic are a delight to accompany. Thanks for the trip, Jennifer!

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