Jan Romes: One of the Top 50 Indie Writers You Should Be Reading

Jan writes contemporary romance and women’s fiction with sharp, witty characters who give as good as they get.

Jan Romes grew up in northwest Ohio with eight zany siblings. Married to her high school sweetheart for more years than seems possible, she’s also a proud mom, mother-in-law, and grandma.

Jan writes contemporary romance and women’s fiction with sharp, witty characters who give as good as they get. The more she writes the more risks she’s willing to take with her characters.

When she’s not writing, you can find Jan with her nose buried in a book or engaged in some sort of activity to stay fit. She loves spending time with family and friends.

A hopeless romantic, she enjoys sunsets, sappy movies, and sitting around a campfire. Though she doesn’t claim to have a green thumb, she takes pride in growing all kinds of flowers and plants.

Jan’s passionate about everything that involves the written word. She loves to connect with readers. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, at writer’s conferences and book signings. If you love books as much as she does, she’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like to stay current on her most recent works-of-heart, click the Follow button here on Amazon or check out her website: www.authorjanromes.com

Jan Romes

Tucked Away

Secrets have cloaked Renee Dutten’s entire existence. Placed in the New York foster care system as an infant, she was moved from family to family until high school graduation. With a bright future as a hairstylist in a posh salon, fate steps in and pulls the rug out from under her again. An eyewitness to a mob hit, the Federal government becomes her guardian.

From foster care to witness protection, with only a semblance of normalcy in between, she now has a higher degree of madness with a new identity as Chloe Barnard, a new address in Ohio, and nothing familiar to cling to.

The Feds tuck her away in a campground for the summer, with orders for her to maintain a low profile. Chloe’s attempt to be reclusive falls apart right away when she meets Aidan Gerrod. The attraction is powerful and her willpower is weak. Wanting him with every speck of her being puts both of their lives in jeopardy and becomes the biggest struggle of her life.

Former Air Force Master Sergeant and ex-Intel government contractor, Aidan Gerrod is bitter that physical injuries sidelined his military career and an affair with his boss cost him the Intel job. Thinking a campground is the perfect location to regain his balance and find serenity until he figures out where to go and what to do next, he gets just the opposite. His gorgeous neighbor grabs his attention but also stirs a lot of drama.

When trouble from their pasts comes knocking, will they face it together? Or will they be forced to go their separate ways to stay alive?

No Sweat Pants Allowed

Suddenly single, in her forties, and eager to do what it takes to start over, Elaina Samuels meets three women with similar circumstances at a cash-for-gold event.

They quickly become friends and form the No Sweat Pants Allowed – Wine Club.

This newly found alliance brings about some humorous escapades, a few tears, and a bond so strong no man can break as they try to cling to the past and finally step out of their comfort zones to find a happiness they thought they’d never feel again.

Discover Elaina Samuels, Tawny Westerfield, Stephanie Mathews, and Grace Cordray.

Sipping Sangria

Recently single and trying to make sense of her life, Elaina Samuels could’ve never imagined such an amazing six months. She’d met Tawny Westerfield, Stephanie Mathews, and Grace Cordray at a cash-for-gold event. They were there to trade in their wedding rings as a way to get a fresh start.

Little did they know that fate would step in and put them together – first in the jewelry store and then to share their stories over wine in the bar across the street. They clicked from the get-go and a few weeks later, Elaina made an offer for them to move in to share expenses. Best. Decision. Ever.

Join Elaina, Tawny, Steph, and Grace as they continue their journeys to get life right-side-up with energy, mischief, chaos, fun, and a few tears.

Merlot in Maine

Sometimes the only way to truly start over is to move. That’s exactly what Elaina Samuels and her unruly band of cohorts decided to do. Elaina, Tawny, Grace, and Steph bought a bed and breakfast in Maine.

The trip from Cherry Ridge, Ohio to Portland is a wild and crazy ride, filled with things they never could have foreseen. In this adventure, there’s laughter, tears, doubt, and a little danger thrown in to keep them on their toes.

Will this relocation to the northeast be the key to real happiness? Or will it test their friendship to the breaking point?

Wine Club Wednesday

Starting over is tough, scary, makes you doubt your strength, and puts you in precarious situations. Elaina Samuels, Tawny Westerfield, Stephanie Mathews, and Grace Cordray found out firsthand. They also discovered how powerful true friendship can be.

Follow their journey as they continue to grow individually and together as best friends. They now own a bed and breakfast in Maine and they’re not quite sure how everything’s supposed to go.

Stony, the adorable Siberian Husky and Lula, the black cat also have some surprises in store for them.

The No Sweat Pants Allowed – Wine Club remains but has expanded to include the Four Sassy Chicks Bed and Breakfast. Four women. Two Pets. A lot of mayhem and humor. Enjoy!

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