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Listen to the stories behind the stories when James Whelpley is featured on an archived edition of Meet the Author Podcast.

Explore the literary mind of mystery writer James Whelpley in an archived edition of Meet the Author Podcast at Indie Book Source.

The weekly show is hosted by Rob and Joan Carter.

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Dancing in the Trap

The stationary was tinted pink, pulpy like craft paper and smelled better than anything had a right to. It was blackmail penned in letters so long and smooth they could have hailed a cab.

Since leaving the merchant marines, Mickey Fairfax has eked out a living renting dinghies to scuttle around Boston Harbor.

When a wealthy man asks him to go to Paris to make a simple hand-off, it sounds like a free vacation.

But, when Mickey discovers he’s given the money to the wrong woman, he’ll tangle with pugilistic gangsters, hophead hotel boys, sultry stage performers, and the French police to figure out who she is.

In the tradition of Raymond Chandler and Ross MacDonald, comes a hard-boiled hero plunged into in a strange land, trying to do the right thing, even if it’s for the wrong reason.


Former merchant marine, Mickey Fairfax, travels to Tenerife to retrieve the illegitimate son of a Tennessee beef baron.

But there’s a battle brewing on the island between an sleeping giant and an emerging titan.

Sabotage at the Pesca oil refinery has forced a lock out.

The culprits are a band of separatists associated with the island’s original inhabitants.

Protests engulf the industrious east, while tourists wile away they days on the resort beaches of the west.

The island has a history of unrest, an ancient people with a bone to pick, outside money consuming the land like fire, and a demon lying dormant inside a volcano.

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