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Go Inside the Literary Mind of Jahml Effend on an archived edition of the Meet the Author Podcast at Indie Book Source, hosted by Rob and Joan Carter.

Jahmil Effend currently resides in Connecticut with his wonderful wife.

He received his master’s degree in Counselor Education from Central Connecticut State University in 2020.

He is the host of the Books By Authors Podcast and enjoys learning from other authors from the comfort of his makeshift office.

Jahmil leans heavily on character psychology and realism when building a narrative. His strength comes in his analysis of character motivations and writing about the flaws that exist in all of us.

Jahmil was the lead writer for the characters of Asher and Aron.

Connect with Jahmil on Instagram @Inspiredbyjahmil

Check out his website www.inspiredbyjahmil.com

Jahmil Effend

War in the Fallows

Royal children no longer desire merely the throne of their kingdom.

The prize they seek is a seat on the High Council as a God.

The quake of footsteps from the divine shapes the fabric of the realm.

These All Beings walk among mortals and their children hold the titles of king and queen.

When blessed blood is threatened, lines are drawn. Aron Barre II, a newly crowned ruler, is thrust in the middle of a conflict between the rivaling kingdoms of the Fallows.

The political journey he embarks on will change the course of Caldonia forever.

Now Aron is thrown into the first war in years with violent nations, and disgruntled Houses all seeking an opportunity to elevate through the chaos.

Instantly, the world is afflicted by destruction, manipulation, and deception, illuminating a truth that will fundamentally shift history.

The world is not always so simple.

When the Crown Gambles

When you gamble with secrets, costs are fatal.

In the shadows of a fallen God, new questions arise.

Now darkness prowls in the creases of the realm, ramifications of the Godslayer King.

There are those who doubt the All Beings, who turn their backs on the High Council… horrific deaths await them.

Asher’s travels take a violent turn when he meets an unlikely pirate. He embarks on a voyage of mystery, truth, and revelations. Unfortunately, his world will never be the same.

And of King Aron, judgment must be rendered.

The most difficult decisions carry the heaviest burdens.

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