Join Us on Meet the Authors Podcast

Authors have a chance to confess but rarely repent of all their sins and secrets in Indie Book Source’s Meet the Authors Podcast. 

Linda and I were featured last week on the Meet The Author Podcast, produced by Rob and Joan Carter of Indie Book Source.

You may have missed us.

But if you want to take a look at our thoughts on writing and how some of our books were pulled out of our imaginations, here is a link to the Podcast.

Meet The Authors gives you an opportunity to crawl into the strange and unpredictable minds of authors to learn where they find their ideas for novels and their motivation for writing.

Everyone is different.

And sometimes ideas come from the oddest places.

Why do we write?

What do we write?

How do we write?

Where are the stories birthed?

Linda and I shared a few of our secrets..

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