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I love characters that boldly step forward overcoming their own fears. I love actions that protect, defend, and overcome evil.

Wait, patience, it can’t be long now. Take the bait dammit, Zep thinks. He notices the yellow chevrons on the sleeve of his gray shirt that mark him as the leader of the Arizona Rangers crouching quietly concealed beside him. The next move belongs to the Apaches.

In William Burgdorf’s new novel, Company A, the Civil War crashes into New Mexico Territory forcing Zep, Allie, Guillo, and Miguel to make drastic changes. The tumultuous times don’t end with the war but carry over into lives that will be forever altered.

“Sarge, Sarge, Yankees. They’re comin’ into the brush riding single file. I bet they smelt McIlhenny’s cookin’.” Jenkins points into the thick growth.
“Kill the fire, dump the grub, Collins and Smith collect our horses and hold them.”
“What do you want us to do, Sarge?” asks Jenkins.
“Corporal, spread our men along the trail. Make sure they’re well hidden. Seguin, go find them Yankees. Lead them to where we’ll spring an ambush. Y’all watch me for hand signals. Go.”

The Bierman Saga continues in Book 2 – COMPANY A

From William Burgdorf:

William Burgdorf

I write historical fiction, in the westerns genre.

In an era where romance, mysteries, and sci-fi seem to capture readers attention, why would I write about western adventures?

It appears that I never left the ’50s and ’60s where there was always a new western movie and television program blossoming with cowboys.

But, more than that, I have a true love for an adventuresome spirit that would choose to tackle whatever a harsh and unforgiving landscape would throw at it. Meaning, those persons of normal characteristics who chose to tackle something bigger and more menacing than they, engages me. Given that westerns typically happen in the confines of the history of our country takes me over the top.

How can you not find a story about one person tackling the unknown with faith in themselves to overcome a hostile situation exciting? Remaining true to themselves and others with determination, or grit if you will, that drives them on, even against impossible odds, make for a great read.

So, I confess. I love to write about the history of this country. I love the time period spanning the settlement of the American west. I love characters that boldly step forward overcoming their own fears. I love actions that protect, defend, and overcome evil.

The strength of a handshake, the sanctity of giving one’s word, courage, honor, integrity, strength, grit, and overcoming failure are all themes that capture my attention. So, that is what I write about.

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