Inside the Literary Mind of Kelly Marshall

My romance tales edged toward the dark side and were a shade too graphic for traditional love stories.

Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die is the third book in the Winston and Strom Novels. Author of 70 books, Caleb Pirtle lll writes of the taut thriller:

“Kelly Marshall writes compelling mysteries and dares you to come along for a ride you will never forget. Tension traps you immediately, then the intensity is strangled with fear. In Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die,

“I found myself walking the same dark streets where a serial killer walked, the same deadly streets where the lives of beautiful girls can fall without warning into the frightening chill of a nightmare that ends only when they take their final breaths.

“Detectives know a murderer will strike again, and time, like life itself, is a precious commodity that is quickly running out. Each new sundown may be someone’s last.

Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die is a haunting, terrifying journey, and I dare you to breathe during the final fifty pages.”

Kelly Marshall

Why Kelly Marshall Writes:

I took a romance writing course at an area community college about ten years ago. One wonderful thing that evolved from that course was a writers critique group. We are still together and were recently featured in an area newspaper article.

My romance tales edged toward the dark side and were a shade too graphic for traditional love stories. I decided I required more “meat” and needed dead bodies to satisfy my creative side.

So, I started writing murder mysteries. It’s difficult to find a story line that hasn’t already been done. I wanted something new, something unique. I developed two characters who are Seattle homicide detectives. Nick Winston is a charismatic fellow who is more than a little politically incorrect.

He’s dark, he’s dreamy, and women press their phone numbers into his hand. He has been known to “kiss and tell.”

His partner, Pat Strom is his polar opposite. Pat is gay and keeps her private life very secret. Trouble erupts in The Radio Murders when both cops fall head over heels for bisexual radio star, Jasmine James.

And so, my venture into the dangerous underbelly of murder mysteries began. I became hooked on love and death. Winston and Strom worked together again in 6 White Roses when they searched for the killer of six-year-old Emily Chatburn.

In Winston and Strom’s new adventure, Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die, the detectives investigate the death of a young University of Washington student, Kylee Harris. The young woman is stabbed numerous times and a portion of her sexual organ is excised and shoved in her mouth. Her long, luxurious hair is shorn and wispy pieces are left at the crime scene.

The detectives struggle to lock down a motive for her tragic death and in the process, discover an elite club where lesbians meet monthly for exotic food, chamber music and sex far away from the prying eyes of the public.

Three more grisly deaths follow and the Pacific Northwest is once again in the grip of terror as a serial killer haunts the Puget Sound.

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