Inside the Literary Mind of April Nunn Coker

The compulsion to write is always there! I just need to stop the rest of the world and do it!

Question: Tell me about your newest book and what was the inspiration behind your writing it?

April: My newest book, my first and only novel so far, was published back in 2010, but I’ve been working on its sequel ever since! Night Keeper tells the stories of a group of zookeepers who work at night and encounter romance, murder, and senseless animal killings.

My husband is a night zookeeper at Caldwell Zoo in Tyler who often brings home tales of strange happenings and encouraged me to write a book using some of his stories. He is the inspiration for both my first novel and its sequel, which is planned for release in 2017.

April Coker

Question: Why and when did you decide to become a writer?

April: I’m not sure if I ever decided to become a writer; I just always was a writer. I began writing stories down when I was about ten years old, and I asked my friends, family, and teachers to give me feedback. I always did well with my writing assignments in school. I guess there is no reason other than that I was born with a compulsion to write.

Question: What book has been the greatest influence on you and your writing and why?

April: This sounds crazy, but the most influential book on me as a young writer was Harriet the Spy. I must have checked it out of my elementary school library a dozen times. The way Harriet spied on people and made notes in her journal inspired me to become more observant of others and to be confident in my ability to write.

Question: Where do you find ideas for your books?

April: I don’t actively search for ideas. They come to me at random moments, actually. As I say that, I will also admit that I am continually observing people and their experiences. As I grow older, I draw on my own life experience for much of my writing.

Question: Where do you find ideas for your characters?

April: My characters are usually based upon people I know or have known, or characters I have read about.

Question: How would you describe your writing style?

April: I suppose my writing style is relaxed and conversational. I’ve been told I need to be more descriptive but I do not like reading too much description, so I keep mine to a minimum.

Question: What do you consider the most difficult part of writing a book?

April: The self-discipline it takes to apply my posterior to the chair and actually write is difficult for me. I am not good at being still, and writing requires it. There always seems to be something else that needs my attention. Forget about rising extra early in the morning to write; I can never get out of bed. Late at night works better for me.

Question: What are your current projects?

April: I am working on a sequel to Night Keeper. I am also planning to do a second release of Night Keeper itself, as well as an update of I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas.

There is also in the bottom of a drawer a humor book I would like to publish, and I have a couple of ideas for children’s books. Then there is another novel brewing in my brain. Like I said, the compulsion to write is always there! I just need to stop the rest of the world and do it!

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