Ignored, Lonely and Ready to Serve.

Roger Summers
Roger Summers


The ampersand

Sits patiently and quietly there

A proud little character

In the top middle

Of my keyboard


Mostly ignored


Even anxious

To again serve its purpose

Or just be noticed

Then on rare occasion


It is rediscovered

And used

Suddenly again necessary

To join two or more together

To form a union

Like Johnson & Johnson

So it is proud

To again have purpose

And to connect

And be given

A prominent place

So it is willing

Even delighted

After a rare use

To revert to its

Here-in-waiting status

Until the next time

Someone can’t do without it

Requires its service

And taps its helpful little key.

Roger Summers is a journalist and essayist who spends time in Texas, New Mexico and England and in a world of curiosity and creativity. He can be reached at [email protected]

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