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The Lincoln Town Car used in Etier's first two novels.
The Lincoln Town Car used in Etier’s first two novels.

My first car was a 1977 Lincoln Town Car.

Strange, huh?

Looking back, it seems strange to me, too.


We’re not talking about a used car. I bought it new in 1977. It had come out in the fall of ‘76 and I got a great price on it. The color was a metallic brown with little sparkles in it. The interior was soft leather and a light shade of tan. The beast was so long it stuck out of the garage.  I think it was about twenty-two feet long. The long wheel base provided a very smooth ride. A CB radio and an eight track tape player came with it along with an automatic dimmer switch for the headlights.Ten miles per gallon was the fuel efficiency.

How did it come to pass that a twenty-five year old pharmacist, married with one child, would have as his first car, a Lincoln Town Car?

My father was a farmer and I learned to drive in a straight-shift pickup truck — out in the pastures and cotton fields. Through my teen years and even into college, we had a pact regarding my transportation. I could use either of the family vehicles whenever I needed one until I got a job and could afford to purchase my own.

Then I got married.

My first wife received a Cutlass Supreme from her parents as a graduation gift from college.  My aunt gave me an old Chevy pickup truck, so the first car (not truck) that I ever purchased with my own money, was a Lincoln Town Car. Loved the grill and the shape of the entire front end.

ThePresidentsClubFinal-SMLThirty-five years later, I wrote my first novel, The Tourist Killer. In the final third of the book, a central character meets a minor character named Abraham Region. Mr. Region prefers the nickname, “Abe.”  While I’m not enthusiastic about “cutesy” names for characters,  I’m not above puns and planned coincidence. When writing about Mr. Region, I chose to give him my car. Abe drives a Lincoln and enjoys talking about how he acquired it and how he has given it so much attention and care.

Abe and his Lincoln also appear in my second book,The Presidents Club. One of my beta readers suggested that Abe’s Lincoln played such a significant role in the second book, that it should be featured on the cover. It was considered, but lost out to another vehicle, a Huey helicopter.



The Presidents Club first appeared here on VentureGalleries.com as a serial novel and is set for release on Amazon, Tuesday, November 19, 2013.

Please click the book cover image to read more about FCEtier and his novels.

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