If I like it, the show’s as good as gone.

Shonda Rhimes
Shonda Rhimes

Bert and I have often joked that in any up and coming TV series, if it appeals to us, the producer would do well to pay us to talk it down, I say this because, invariably, if there is a show we like, and we begin to pass that news on, it seems to be the kiss of death for that series.

Obviously, it’s not us, but indeed the nature of the programs we’re drawn to, but still, it’s bloody discouraging. I suppose it has to do with the fact that we don’t watch TV to be entertained. We watch to be fed. Not that it’s difficult to find integral people, driven by a sense of purpose that speaks to a higher order of insight, who surround themselves with others so directed, and who actually manage to create relationships of great depth and awareness, only it is. Yet every now and again, some script writer of discernment and writing genius does just that, and we are glued to the screen for the season it lasts; sometimes they don’t even finish the season.

So here goes, the potential death knell for the series, “Scandal,” a 2012 start which, God willing, is starting its third season. It’s a winner. The writer, Shonda Rhimes, is a woman of huge talent and, even at 43 years, shows impressive understanding of the human condition. She’s a Dartmouth grad and a serious student of writing and scriptwriting, so this series was no accident.

She is better known for her first major success, “Gray’s Anatomy,” which we were drawn to, but the first season only, as we watched it dissolve into what we call a Soap. I don’t need to watch TV to see human drama, that abides everywhere, and nowhere does it represent the truth of the situation. But when someone can elevate human interplay by injecting the elements of honesty and integrity, then we have something that feeds the soul rather than just frothing up emotions.

So here I sit, fingers crossed that Ms. Rhimes will hang tough with keeping her characters operating at their present level, and the ratings will keep the program going, for Bert and I have quite enough sizzled-out series in our storage bin. And no one likes being hungry when there is ample nourishment about.

Anyone else out there watching this show? How is it affecting you?

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