I Wuz Just Thinking: White Truck, Wrong Man


When I make a mistake, it’s a good one and leaves me embarrassed and apologizing and always wishing I was somewhere else.

I received a phone call from a former high school classmate.  We were talking about our ages and how it affects the choices we make in life and sometimes the choices we shouldn’t make.

Darrelyn mentioned she recently climbed into someone else’s car at a shopping center, and her story suddenly made my gray matters reflect back to the time I came out of the Dollar Store carrying bags with my purchases.

Betty Mahurin Baker

I stepped into a white pickup truck, bent over to look at my purchases, talking the whole time about what I had bought. Never slowed down. Just kept on talking.  Jimmy did not say a word about the choices I had made for him.

Since he made no reply, I looked up at the man who I thought was my husband.

I froze.

I did not recognize the man who was holding on tightly to the steering wheel.  His eyes were wide as if he were fearful of the crazy lady sitting in his truck, uninvited, and babbling on and on.

I know my eyes must have grown large with fear and anxiety, too!

I turned and, in panic, looked out the passenger car window. There was my husband Jimmy, sitting behind his steering wheel wearing a wide grin and watching me make a fool of myself for the stranger in the strange truck.

I began apologizing profusely as I quickly gathered up my bags and struggled to open the door to make a fast exit.

I jumped into the truck with the right man this time. I began fussing at for sitting there and allowing me to just go on and on with my babbling in front of a stranger.

I was thankful that I was already in the correct white pickup truck. As we were backing out, a woman came out of the store and got into the other white truck. I could see the man trying to explain to his wife what had just happened with a crazy lady.  The wife did not appear to be the type of lady who babbled a lot. Then again, she probably gave her husband a strong tongue lashing, whether it was his fault or not.

Aging of the mind…as I wuz just thinking.

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