I Wuz Just Thinking: When Tomato Soup Melts the Chill

Every time the world outside turns cold, I immediately sort through my childhood memories until I cook up a bowl of tomato soup.

It was quite late, after the rest of the family had already gone to bed, that I realized I had not eaten dinner, or supper as some call the evening meal as I had been spending time tending to preparations for the predicted winter weather storms.

While looking in the pantry for something quick and simple, I spotted a can of stewed tomatoes and in that same tomato products area along the shelves, were sauces and pastes and some cans of Campbell tomato soups. That is when I realized I wanted tomato soup.  I remember Mother making tomato soup for the family when the weather turned cold.

She would use some of the tomatoes she had canned from the summer bounty.

Just now, I took a store-bought can of stewed tomatoes and a regular can of Campbell tomato soup, stirred together, put in a microwave, covered, and heated for about five minutes.

When I ladled the soup into my bowl, I added a few small thin slices of Velveeta cheese and crumbled some saltine crackers in it just as I did as a child.




Delicious, provided, of course, you like tomato soup.

During these cold weather winter days, with the world outdoors with the world outside thick with snow, one of my fondest memories is watching my Mother heating a large pot of tomato soup. The chill melted with the cheese.


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