I Wuz Just Thinking: What does a man want?

When a man says he wants clippers, is he talking about fingernail clippers, hair clippers, beard clippers, toenail clippers, or hedge clippers?

Yesterday, while watching the Antique Roadshow, an oil painting was being evaluated.  It was a painting of workmen at a dock, and in the distance, I could see a Clipper ship.

The word “clipper” was still on my mind this morning, and I became confused when my adult son, who lives with us, began using the word “clipper.”

Betty Mahurin Baker

He asked me to take him to the store to purchase some clippers.  I’m not always sure if he  talks in riddles or my own brain is filled with riddles.

I asked why he needed clippers, and he began rambling about his hair being chunks and the fact he needed to work in the yard.

So, again, I’m trying to figure out if he needs hair clippers since he wears his hair in a burr cut and cuts it himself – or, if he needs some hedge clippers to work in the yard.

Come to find out, his hair clippers had quit working, and he had scattered patches of hair on his head that needed cutting.  It had nothing to do with hedge clippers, which I already have.

After getting the story straight in my own brain, I came into the den and heard my husband say, “After we leave the doctor’s office this morning, I want to get some clippers. Mine has gotten old, and I have trouble cutting with them.”

Okay, here we go again. What kind of “clippers” does he have in mind? I know he goes to the foot doctor regularly and has his toenails clipped.  He goes to barber shop to get his hair cut. I figure he must be talking about fingernail clippers.

I’m thinking that my mind has it all straightened out. But he said he wanted to go to Sally’s Beauty Supply in Longview to get the clippers.  So what is he talking about? I thought it best to ask him, “What kind of clippers? You want them for the fingernails or for your beard?”

He looked at me strangely and said, “For trimming my beard!”

John has his hair clippers. Jim has his beard clippers. And I’m looking at a picture of a Clipper Ship Jimmy and his brother Joe received as a Christmas gift when they shared the same room as children.

Clippers….sometimes I stay confused dealing with men, as I wuz just thinking!

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