I Wuz Just Thinking: Thoughts of a Friend

JoeAnn Kimbrell Knight at the downtown Kilgore Charburger. Photo by T. Anderson

Many do not realize how giving JoeAnn was.  She served silently, giving in many small ways. We shall all miss her greatly.

I sat at my computer trying to think of what this Sunday’s column might be about. I could not think of a subject. The only thing consuming my mind was the sudden death of a friend and former classmate, JoeAnn Kimbrell Knight.

Wednesday, JoeAnn and her friend Pam Pipkins, sat across the table from me and my husband, Jimmy, at Benis Mexican restaurant in downtown Kilgore.

We talked and laughed so much – seems a zillion subjects were discussed.  The evening flew by, and it was time to leave.  Smiles filled with laughter were still on our lips and in our voices as we headed out the door.

Betty Mahurin Baker

Only one evening later, Thursday evening, the phone rang. I was given information that JoeAnn had been in an auto accident and did not survive.

Such shock.

Phone calls and emails went out contacting JoeAnn’s son, Tim, her church friends at the First Christian church, as well as former classmates and other friends.

She had been involved in so many activities with church, the city of Kilgore,  Red Hat Ladies, her 1963 Kilgore High School graduating class, as well as the graduating class of her brother, Jimmy Kimbrell, from 1961.

I have no idea what else filled her hours and days.

Many do not realize how giving JoeAnn was.  She served silently, giving in many small ways.

Just recently my sister-in-law told me how JoeAnn brought her a dessert to  Arabella where he lives because  of health conditions.  Cindi was so surprised.  Another friend/classmate, Janie Boyd, was visiting Cindi at the time, so they shared the dessert.  Such a “sweet” surprise.

Some time back, after my husband had some surgery, the Lions Club or another organization was having a fish fry.  Not only did she offer us extra tickets that she had purchased, but she picked up the meals and delivered them to us at our home.

JoeAnn usually bought a loaf of bread every few days.  She only took two slices from the loaf.  She would drive up to a particular local business and honk her car horn.

One of the employees, who had kids at home, knew to come outside to her red car where she handed him a loaf of bread. – minus two slices. She had driven all the way from her home in the country into the city every few days just to deliver a loaf of bread – minus two slices.  This small gift of a loaf of bread, minus two slices, had transpired for a long, long time.

She told me that two slices were all the bread she wanted for herself. Besides, she knew the man had a large family, and this was her way of sharing with his whole family.

Since word of JoeAnn’s death, many other comments have been made of this unique lady.

I was thinking of her name.  JoeAnn told that her daddy wanted a boy, which was the reason behind the spelling of her name.

JoeAnn, yes, a very unique and giving lady….as I wuz just  thinking. 

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