I Wuz Just Thinking: Theater of the Mind

My daddy’s old RCA Victor bakelite radio

Coming across Daddy’s old radio brought back wonderful, yet, frightening memories of old radio dramas that captured our imagination.

Recently, while cleaning out another closet, there on the top shelf I saw my dad’s old RCA Victor tube creme colored Bakelite radio.

While we were children, Daddy kept it on a side table next to his chair where he could reach to turn the knobs and listen to the news, weather, music, even the mystery programs such as Inner Sanctum.

Betty Mahurin Baker

On Sunday nights, we would be huddled together on the floor, staring at the radio. Already dressed for bed, the mystery story would open with the scary sounds of a door squeaking.

The organ began playing, setting the stage of what was to come.

The story, as well as the sounds, would scare the pants off of us and we would have night-mares long into the night.

We could close our eyes and see everything that was happening.

It would be known as the theater of the mind.

No wonder we were so tired for Monday’s school.

Our little town of Kilgore is blessed to have a museum which features radios and televisions thru the years.

Soon, the Kilgore High school class of 1962 will be celebrating their reunion at the local Texas Museum of Broadcasting & Communications.

Coming across Daddy’s radio brought back wonderful..yet, scary memories....as I wuz just thinking.

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