I Wuz Just Thinking: The wonder of balloons and bread


Through the years, plastic bread sacks have always come in handy for a myriad of chores around the house. 

This evening while making sandwiches, I noticed the plastic bread bag with its red, yellow, and blue balloons.  Memories, as a kid, of early radio commercials and television commercials telling us if we eat eight slices of bread a day, we will have strong bones and muscles.

Those red, yellow, and blue balloons are still on today’s sliced bread plastic bag.

Ever wonder where the name of this product came about?

Betty Mahurin Baker

“Elmer Cline, an executive of Taggart, was watching the International Balloon Race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway when he remarked to a friend that he was in wonder of the balloons. The proverbial light bulb went off; he christened the new product Wonder bread and incorporated the red, yellow, and blue balloons into its logo.”

Through the years, plastic bread sacks have come in handy to place over our shoes when having to walk in the mud, place on our bare feet or hands/arms whenever we have had an injury and need to keep the wound dry while bathing.

Some folks take plastic bags, cut them into strips, and crochet them to make purses and other items.

Empty plastic bags come in handy to place soiled diapers, dispose of kitty litter, pick up after the dog, etc. So many uses for plastic bags.  If no other purpose, one can always place clean bags in recycle bins.

Even though the packaging is colorful and can serve many purposes, the best part of “Wonder Bread” is the bread itself. “Nothing better than sliced bread” especially when one is in a hurry for a delicious peanut butter and jelly, balogna, or tuna fish sandwich…..as I was just thinking.

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